Eat street Barcelona 2015

 Eat Street Barcelona 2015


Today it was a huge pleasure to attend an event called Eat Street Barcelona which was organised in Barcelona Port. Lucky we got there and the line was really short. When we got there we were just 10 meters from the entrance. 5 minutes after waiting in the line to get in we looked back and saw that the line had grown another 30 meters.

Was just great to find old minivan sales booths makes you travel back in time. Getting in the next thing you saw was all the lines of people waiting to be attended. I talk about lines you had to wait 15 minutes to be attended. But once you receive your small portion of food you had chosen to wait for, it sure was worth of waiting. We had barbecue ribs and chicken wings, they were just amazing. There was a great choice of different kind of food options. You could get from Indonesian food to grilled ribs to hotdogs. The difficult part of making the choice was that you had to decide in which line you want to spend your next 15 minutes.

The wait wasn’t bad at all actually. A great DJ was putting on some great tunes which made your presence at the event just unbelievable. Music was from vintage electronic to more modern electronic with a view to sea, having a snack and a drink, just great.

A mysterious fog took over Barcelona port and covered completely the view to the fabulous W Barcelona Hotel. If you look closely you can actually see the tip of the W Hotel. Normally with the sky we had you can enjoy the design of the hotel clearly. It appeared all the sudden and after 3 hours we spent there there were still some fog left which then was of a darker color. It was the first time seeing anything like this in Barcelona port.

After 2 hours already at the Eat Street Barcelona 2015 I noticed that the waiting line to get in to the event was still of around 100 meters or so. Was completely astonished that there were still so many people waiting to join the interior of the event.

With all the people there were present I was completely surprised finding my colleague at the event. We did speak about that both were going to go to the event but just seeing each-other there was really impressive coincidence.

Beside that it was an amazing first experience to attend an event like this. Still having in my head the combination of the completely reggae electronic music with the old minivan selling booths made the event completely modern and fashionable.

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