950 migrants accident in Mediterranean

950 migrants accident in Mediterranean



In Libyan waters, close to Italian island of Lampedusa, capsizes a boat carrying 950 migrants, says the Italian coastguard.

It was a Portuguese bote that saw the disaster and called the Italian coastguard after saving 28 people. The vessel was jut 20m (70ft) long. So far there are only 24 bodies have been retrieved. The boat sank only 60 miles (over 111 km) from Italian coast which was supposed to be the destination of them all.

Migrants saved from shipwreck

One of the 49 survivors commented that on the boat there were 700 other people. At the first place they said there were only 700 migrants on the boat but the real figures are others but in total there were 950 persons on the boat. A huge number of them were stuck in the bottom part of the boat. Also the survivor said that over the night the Italian coastguards receive a call that the transporter with all these migrants was in danger. The coastguards were trying to prevent the worst and asked a Portuguese boat which was nearby to go to the accident to assist till they arrive.

While the Portuguese boat approached the Libyan vessel with all the migrants on board saw that “they all placed themselves to the same side of the vessel which caused that it would sink”. The Portuguese team started the rescue tasks, while the Italian coastguard, La Guardia di Finanza and the Marines, as well as military Navy of Malta as it all happened close to their waters.

Last Tuesday Save the Children organisation alerted that another 400 migrants have disappeared after their boat capsized.

The current situation caused that the Italian PM would call for an extraordinary EU summit on the migrants issue because he called it an European tragedy.

The worst tragedy of Mediterranean history

UNHCR said that this shipwreck last night between the Italian and Libyan coasts could turn into the biggest tragedy of the history in migrants move in Mediterranean.

Currently the authorities have launched a “massive operation” in which are participating boats, planes, helicopters and commercial ships of the area. The rescuers are still expecting to find some survivors, but if confirmed the worst estimations this disaster could turn out to be one of the biggest in the history of Mediterranean and raise the number of migrants that have died in shipwrecks to 1.500 and only from the beginning of 2015.

It’s really alarming the number of migrants that have died in Mediterranean compared to last years. Till this Sunday there were over 900 dead migrants, a figure that multiplies to 10 of the deaths in 2014 when it reached to 96.

After the 950 migrants accident in Mediterranean, The International Organisation of Migration confessed that if the numbers continue growing like this by the end of this year there will be a frightening figure of 30.000 deaths, of people who loose their life on their way to Europe on their search for a better life.

Mafias control this human trafficking

There are mafias controlling this human trafficking. If you want to have a better quality boat with an engine you will pay around 6.000€ per person to get on it, if it’s a smaller but still with an engine boat you pay around 3.000€. Continuing lowering the quality of the transport, raises higher the risk. The lowest they pay is around 200-300€ to be on a floatable boat. There are major discussions going around about the topic and how to stop the human trafficking. Boats are taken to the sea and majority of them are being abandoned half way there to their own luck.

Due to dangerous wars in these countries people decide to take the risk of either surviving the dangerous trip trying to cross the Mediterranean and try to find a better life or die in the war.

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