School student kills his teacher, interview with a teacher

School student kills his teacher, interview with a teacher



This morning happened a tragedy which was first time case for Spain. A 13 years old student killed his social sciences teacher with a crossbow. The day started that the student was not at the class he was supposed to be, arrived late to his first class and attacked his Spanish teacher who was his first target, her daughter was also wounded as she attended her mum’s class. After that he ran out of that room, in the hallway he found another teacher who came out to see what’s all that shouting about who was also assaulted by him. Then he went to the social science class where he assaulted the next teacher who was the second target of the student. Ran out of the class and started going to the third floor and on his way up he hurt another teacher from his ear. Then he started preparing “Molotov cocktails”, he was interrupted by his P.E. teacher who finally managed to take him down.

Just 15 minutes later after the alarm was given, the Mossos d’Esquadra (one of the Catalan police names, there are so many different police names here in Catalunya that I could write another article only about that) arrived to the scene. The student was taken to a Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona where they started analysing him to see if it was a psychotic outbreak he had.

School student kills his teacher, first time case in Spain

There was 1 mortal victim which was the social science teacher.

He had threatened that he’d do it.

Another student said that he already had threatened already in advance that he will kill all his teachers.

School student kills his teacher, first time case in Spain, tragedy and sorrow.

This happened in the city I live in and love, Barcelona.


Interview with an art teacher after that

After what happened that morning, I contacted a friend of mine who is an art teacher in Sabadell (next to Barcelona) and asked him some questions related to the case and also to have a feedback from the teacher’s side.

Q: As this didn’t happen directly in the school where you work as Arts teacher, how did you find out about that tragedy? What was the first thing that got to your mind?

A: It was at 11am when he was in the teachers’ room when a friend of his sent a screenshot of the news via WhatsApp message. In the screenshot you can read an article in Spanish about the happened. Rest of the teachers already knew about the happening.

Student kills his teacher

Q: For sure you were discussing about the case internally with the other teachers if this would have happened in your school? Were there any comments between your colleagues about what kind of security measures should be taken to avoid this kind of situations that lead to the tragedy?

A: Of course we this could have happened in their school. They are normal people in a normal school and it was someone with problems not attended. It’s very difficult to control this acts. In USA there are security gates with people attending, but we don’t reach to these levels of criminality or gangs. But there sure will be a before and after.

Q: As nowadays youngsters are over protected by law (The teachers are really helpless in classrooms when there’s problematic student. When that student decides to intimate or reaches to attack a teacher, teachers can not defend themselves. If a teachers protects himself from a student who’s attacking him and if because of protecting himself hurts the student, the student can inform against that teacher and take him to court. How frequent it really is Bullying towards the teachers?

A: This can happen. The kids loose more and more frequently the limits of  manners, lack of respect, many hours alone at home, the family cores are not well structured, lack of attention, a society which with time is more competitive and aggressive.

This was an interview with my friend who’s the Arts teacher from Sabadell, which is next to Barcelona. I know it was short but a quick interview from teachers’ side as well.

“School student kills his teacher, interview with a teacher”

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