Germanwings funeral in Sagrada Familia

Germanwings funeral in Sagrada Familia

Germanwings funeral Sagrada Familia

Germanwings funeral in Sagrada Familia. Plane crash victims’ catholic funeral service took place in Barcelona’s (Spain) famous Sagrada Familia cathedral, on the 27th of April 2015.

It was the Cardinal Luìs Martínez Sistach, Archbishop of Barcelona who was leading the whole ceremony but there were also represented Jewish, Evangelic and Muslim communities.

Before the ceremony, the mates of the victims from Instituto Linars placed 150 candles on the stairs on memories of all deceased ones.

The Spanish King Felipe VI of Spain (full name of Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia) posted a tweet where he says: “Letizia and I, at the tribute for the flight accident”. Felipe VI of Spain Tweet

The funeral had some serious questions before celebrating it. The main question was whether to celebrate catholic funeral or other. Finally was decided that yes because majority of Spanish victims were catholic.

P. José María Gil Tamayo, the spokesman of Conferencia Episcopal Española, said: “other religions representatives will also intervene. We have to point out the conjunction of prayers so that He would accept with Him the ones we’ve lost, and at the same time to ask that this peace feeling would born out of sharing the faith in God would reach everyone and avoid events like this to happen as these victims.”.

The Kings of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, Archbishop of Barcelona, the president of the government Mariano Rajoy and the president of Generalitat de Catalunya Artur Mas, together with the representatives of Evangelic, Muslim and Jewish communities gave condolences close to 600 relatives of the 52 Spanish nationality victims who were present at Sagrada Familia.

Though the majority of the ceremony was done in catalán language, it was also translated into Spanish and English, French and German was used in different prayers and hymns. Germanwings funeral in Sagrada Familia was an event to remember.

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First Office Andres Lubitz, 28, locked out the pilot out the cabin who had to use the toilet and crashed the plane into the mountains. He had researched on suicide methods in internet, had sick notes given by his doctor torn up and has been even thought about that he had looked into diuretic options to put something in the pilot’s drink to secure he’d need to visit the toilet.

Enough about talking about Andres who was the one who cause the Alps plane crash. We should be talking more about the hero pilot who tried to break down door of Germanwings cockpit. The hero captain’s name is Patrick Sondheimer (on the left). He was the one who was trying to save all and he is the one we should all remember. Patrick Sondheimer should be considered as a hero and have all the attention. We should all try remembering the hero and not the criminal.

Captain Patrick Sondheimer

May you all REST IN PEACE!!!

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