Gain muscle naturally

Gain muscle naturally

This is something very important for a healthy person. Shoving your mouth with ice cream, pizzas and other junk food. All it does is fill your body with calories which only helps you to gain more fat and not lean muscle. Also filling your body with unhealthy food like this can raise your cholesterol level in a long turn which is not healthy at all.

To gain muscle naturally can help you to improve your strength, tone up your muscles and look gorgeous for summer. Of course the best option would be that you would hire a nutritionist who will prepare you a personalized programme which fits directly to your body.

Gain healthy muscle

Most women maintain their body weight when consuming around 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day, and men around 2,500 calories a day. It all depends of course on how active person you are. Track down your calories that you consume, then increase it by 200 to 500 calories per day. This is how you can increase a healthy way to gain muscle.

To secure that the only curves you have would be made out of muscle and not fat, of course you will need to maintain your diet. You can always stack yourself with snacks like fruits or that are low on empty calories. You should be consuming around 50% to 60% of your calories from carbohydrates, around 20% from proteins and rest (30%) of healthy fats. For that are recommended to eat healthy oils, avocado and nuts. It’s also kind of like a habit for people to overload with proteins because proteins are considered good to get toned. As they are very filling and consume a lot of energy, it’s not recommended to consume too much proteins.

Use olive oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil (such as coconut oil) when dressing your salad, give it a special touch to your smoothie. These ingredients won’t make you feel full and are healthy for your heart.

Healthy Coconut Oil

Of course it’s very important for loosing your belly fat to keel your level of testosterone on a healthy level. Read more about how testosterone to get rid of the fat from the other article.

Often you might find it difficult to force yourself to eat beyond what you’d normally eat. Easy solution for that is to make shakes of healthy oils, milk- and chocolate shakes, which can get you an additional 500 calories a day which is needed if you’re trying to add on some muscle. To avoid eating too little, you are recommended to spread out your meals in five times per day in smaller portions. Gain muscle naturally is something very important because we all have to take care of us and using natural methods will improve your general health conditions as well.

As loosing weight, gaining weight will need life-time maintenance once you’ve reached your goal.

Tips to gain muscle naturally

Healthy workout

Keep your training sessions under an hour. What we look for is to train harder but not longer. When doing this DO keep in mind to keep the intensity of your training program high rather than drag it on. There are numerous studies on how nasty things happen on your hormonal state after training hard for over an hour.

You can’t reply on supplements. For some reason they have this name, they’re supplements. Majority of the supplements that you can find out there are focused on water weight not on muscle. This means that once you stop consuming the supplements, your weight will drop again.

Keep yourself focused on progress. You need to have the mentality to concentrate on your progress which is where many people fail. As mentioned before, you should really keep your training session below 1 hour. The main mistake made is when seeing you’re getting results is to continue working on gaining your volume till your workout session will last like 2 hours. You should continue focusing either the number of reps or an increase in weight lifted with your main program. That will help you gain more muscle on a natural way and remains you healthy.

In case you’re really skinny hitting a buffet once a week is quite OK and recommended. Just remember hitting the buffet after a heavy workout to secure that all the calories you’re eating get turned into muscle. This will help you (the skinny guys) to gain weight in the right places.


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