Thermal blanket for homeless

Thermal blanket for homeless


Thermal blankets for homeless

Just recently, end of April, was the 9th National Competition of Mini-Companies of Junior Achievement where the winners were the team NO COLD who came out with an amazing idea of thermal blankets for homeless people.

It’s a competition that will award the students who, throughout the scholar year, will create and manage a mini-company that will have social purposes. To the 9th edition of this competition presented over 400 projects from all over Spain and only 17 of them managed to get to the final.

It’s Alicia, Max, Marta, Clara and Usue from the school of Colegio Sagrado Corazón Sarriá of Barcelona who are the members of NO COLD team. Through that mini-company they had invented a thermal blanket who’s main target audience are homeless people. This blanket will keep you warm on cold days and in winter nights. The project is about cloth bag to the lower extremities, with different thermal gels it will produce up to 50ºC of heat. Beside that for winter it will include a thermal blanket will keep in up to 95% of the heat and isolates from humidity.

NO COLD thermal blanket team

It sure is an innovative idea and for sure has social purposes. The team sure didn’t expect to get such great results with their project. The team says that the main key to success of NO COLD thermal blanket for homeless people, was to believe in your project and spread this illusion.

Right now the guys are talking about realising the project and to turn it into a real company. In the end of July 2015 there’s the European final where NO COLD team will also participate. All the best luck to them and fingers crossed they’ll have luck with their thermal blanket for homeless.

Thermal blanket for homeless

The second place of the Spanish competition went to WAI Development (We Are In Development) project. They participated from Ramón y Cajal de Madrid school. This team’s idea was to add an additional feature to the innovative selfie sticks by adding a mirror to the back side. Like this you will also have the option to use your rear camera which will allow you to get better quality pictures as the rear cameras are higher quality.

The third place was for ENJOYBACK project with participation of students from Enrique Tierno Galván de Madrid. Their project was about making your stay at school (and at work) more comfortable by creating a special padded backrest for chairs. Like this you can prevent future column ailments.

I seriously hope a heavily needed product like it is NO COLD thermal blanket for homeless would get the the attention of all country representatives and also of European Commission and would boost off huge. It’s a product that has a serious need in many countries where unemployment percentage is very high causing that people would be kicked out of their homes and are oblied to live in streets. As it looks like governments don’t care too much of fixing their main issues of generating new jobs or that people would not be forced to leave their homes. It’s a MUST product that could save many lives.

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