3D Printers save three babies

3D Printer which save three babies

3D Printer which save three babies who were born with the same rare and life-threatening disease and it wasn’t expected for them to live that long. Thanks to doctors who literally printed out the new windpipes framework. Kaiba Gionfiddo was the first patient who tried the first implant. Now, 3 years later, Kaiba is active and curious, playing around with the family and enjoy the life. Make-a-Wish Foundation made it happen so that Kaiba could meet one of his favorite cartoon characters which is Mickey Mouse.

The other two patients showed the same kind of improvements as Kaiba which lead the doctors to comment about this breakthrough treatment that it worked “better than we could have ever imagined.”

The babies were born with a rare disease called tracheobronchomalacia which causes that the windpipes collapse and normal breathing becomes impossible. Above you can see a video where doctors created and implated the windpipes with the 3D printer that save three babies lives. The splints created with the 3D printer were placed around the babies’ airways, this created the framework that hold opened the windpipe and allow it grow normally.

“It’s wonderful and beyond anything I could have hoped for,” says Dr. Glenn Green. Dr. Green, from the Univertity of Michigan, is one of the two doctors behind this procedure. “It’s so exciting to see.”

Dr. Scott Hollister and Dr. Glenn Green

It was Dr. Green and Dr. Scott Hollister (on the image above) who carried out this procedure at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also they published an article in Science Translation Medicine journal. They are determined that the 3D printed devices saved all three lives. The mentioned doctors followed the lives of these three children over three years and this solution looks like a great promise to save more lives of those that are born with this rare disease.


On the photo above you can see Kaiba (the first patient) three years after the device was implanted. The newborn nearly died because of his rare disease but it was the 3D (three-dimensional) printer that save three babies. The splint is dissolving just as it’s supposed to and doctors expect it to leave no signs on the child’s trachea.



Feel free to read more about the study by clicking here.



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