Edurne to Eurovision 2015 and tiger Noa

Edurne to Eurovision 2015 and tiger Noa

Edurne Amanecer y tigre Noa

Edurne is the representer of Spain in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. There has been quite some noise around her video and was requested by InfoCircos to take off the images where appears the tiger Noa.

InfoCircos requested Edurne and RTVE to take off the images of Noa from the video clip of “Amanecer” which is the song Edurne will perform at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Viena. Through the platform the request has been processed to start collecting support for the purpouse. InfoCircos, formed by four NGOs (ANDA, AnimaNaturalis, Born Free y Faada) claims “Noa is not a teddy, but an animal with needs which are not covered by working in the industry”.

Often happens that they take off the “dangerous parts” from animals like this. In case of Noa they have cut off her nails. Also over the training of the animal, they loose their insticts as the environment is not natural to them.

Edurne replies to that “I’m a  big fan of animals. People speak without knowing. If people would know how the tiger is living, things would change. She’s being taken care of and not treated bad.”

Edurne en El Hormiguero

In a Spanish program called “El Hormiguero” that is shown in Antena 3, Edurne said about Manchester “is uglier than a fridge from behind” (in Spanish it sounds better though 🙂 ). This came out during the conversation she had with the presenter of the program Pablo Motos.

It came out as a parallel to what Victoria Beckham said “Madrid smells of garlic”. Now it’s the time for the girlfriend of David de Gea to generate similar polemics.

david de gea y edurne

Manchester, was not happy with what the Spanish singer said about the city and invited her for a city tour to see all the amazing attractions the city has to offer.

At the same time the singer said that it was just an expression Pablo Motos made about Manchester.

“You’ll see a powerful and heartbreaking girl on stage”, said the singer. “The strength of my performance is the concentration and sureness for my work” she added.

Me personally I’m a big fan of Edurne and really enjoy her as an artist. She’s really a perfectionist and is really versatile in what she can do. Let’s cross the fingers for her performance and wish her all the best in Viena. Edurne to Eurovision 2015 and tiger Noa story is also to generate polemics around the performer and also serves as marketing to get people to see the video.

Here’s her oficial video: 

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