The winner of Eurovision 2015 is Sweden

The winner of Eurovision 2015 is Sweden


Last night was the 60th anniversary of Eurovision Song Contest. It was held on Saturday the 23rd of May in Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, and it had quite a nice surprise coming. 

An actual first surprise is that Austria has become the first country in the history of Eurovision Song Contest that hosts, to finish the contest with zero points, as did Germany as well.

Eurovision 2015 hosts

Last year’s winner, Conchita Wurst, was the host of the green room in Vienna 2015. Beside Conchita the other hosts of the night were renowned journalist Arabella Kiesbauer, presenting superstar Mirjam Weichselbraun and host extraordinare Alice Tumler. All four of them joined up to made a real powerful girl-power and they ran the show really great. 

Eurovision 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw

Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw‘s song “Heroes” was the winning song of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with 365 points. That song had already proven its popularity being by far the most often-heard song on Spotify’s this year’s entries. With 15 million streams on the music service, song “Heroes” left far behind the second place owner on Spotify, Italy, with 2.5 millions steams.

It was the sixth time Sweden wins Eurovision. Last time it was with Loreen back in 2012. So it’s official, the winner of Eurovision 2015 is Sweden. The song “Heroes” has been one of my main personal favourites because of the idea of the video they presented. It was Måns interacting with a puppet made of light and with other light effects which made the song more fun and more original, different, stand out from others. Also Måns Zelmerlöw‘s very charming looks really helped for it as well. 

Sweden winning Eurovision for the 6th time:

In the beginning of the whole show Conchita Wurst sang the song “Building Bridges”, which was the slogan of this year’s competition, and she was flying to the stage while singing. When landed she was joined by Vienna Boys’ Choir, the multinational Suparar Choir and also by the Austrian rapper Left Boy.

Another surprise.

Eurovision 2015 Australia

It was the very first time for Australia to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Australia has been televising, by the public broadcaster SBS, the contest for over thirty years. The country was invited to participate by owing to its cultural and political ties to European countries. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the contest and in recognition of the event’s popularity in Australia, on the 10th of February 2015 it was announced that Australia was invited to compete in the contest of that year as a special guest participant. Guy Sebastian sang the song called “Tonight Again” and came 5th in the Grand Final with 196 points. 

For me personally was quite surprising to see that Australia gave Estonia 3 points. Such a small country as it is Estonia and getting points from so far away, from the other side of the world? Hhhmmm… Really great news for me. By the way, for those who didn’t know, I’m from Estonia.

To follow the conversation, let’s talk about Estonia’s performance.

Eurovision 2015 - Estonia

Elina Born & Stig Rästa, “Goodbye To Yesterday“, a nice, cool and modern song. I really liked this year’s song and had my hopes on it quite high. Not because of being Estonian myself, but because I quite fancied the song. As again, there was no special show nor drama during the song, as it has been in few other cases when Estonia participated the Eurovision Song Contest. Elina and Stig were 4th in the final to sing and became 7th with 106 points in the results after voting. Not bad at all as they continued receiving point from so many different countries. Low points but it was still great to see that the song was recognised in so many places. 

Another fact related to Estonia was that when it was time for Estonia to say the votes, the connection was cut off in the middle of it. The same thing happened also to Georgia. Great that the hosts of the show were so smooth that they just continued with votes and came back to it later at the end. This kind of things might happen. The show is still LIVE and you never know what might happen in live.

Russia almost won Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015 - Russia

Polina Gagarina sang “A Million Voices” which was one of my personal favourites as well. With her amazing performance, the shy blond but powerful girl managed to get Russia 303 points. With these points Russia was 2nd in Eurovision 2015

Actually I was quite hoping that Russia would win the contest instead. It sure would have been a good step for the country in the situation it is. As Eurovision moves a lot of GLBT (Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexual, Transgender) audience, and Russia is quite heavy with that sector, it would have “obliged” them to be more tolerant if they’d want to host the event. It would have also encouraged GLBT sector to actually travel to Russia and see its beauty. Though in Russia GLBT life is not easy at all and people don’t dare too much to visit the country because of being scared of physically being hurt by homophobes. In case Russia would have won the contest it would have seen that there’s no “danger” for that audience to visit their country and there is NO difference who they love, who they believe in or if they’re from right or left of politics. We’re all people and just want to enjoy this universal language, called music, together.


Italy to become 3rd in Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015 - Italy

Italy was represented by Il Volo who sang “Grande Amore. Seriously, by my opinion, they sound quite the same as another group I really enjoy, Il Divo. That was my very first opinion when Il Volo started singing, also the names are really similar. But I do have to say that the song was really great. 3 charming Italian guys who look like they really enjoy attention, dressed up in suits singing a romantic song with their powerful pop-lyrical voices… Guess that was that got these guys to receive these great 292 points that get Italy 3rd place in Eurovision 2015


Spain in Eurovision 2015


As you might have seen in my other article, there was some gossip around the video of Spain. You can read the full article HERE. This year it was Edurne who represented Spain at Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Amanecer“. She started off with the song by wearing a red dress with a long cape. She sure looked like Little Red Riding Hood like this. All the sudden her dancer rips off her cape and she reveals an interesting dress. Interesting because her dress had a particular colour as you can see from the images. Later I found out that the colour is supposed to be the colour of Edurne’s, the singer’s, eyes are. As the song develops, she does a choreography with her dancer who completely left the audience stunned because of his looks. But I will talk about him a bit later.

The dancer of Edurne, Giuseppe di Bella, gave up to become legal councillor of Google.

Giuseppe Di Bella5

Giuseppe di Bella, licensed in Law, a few weeks ago was in the final process to become the legal councillor of Google. He was offered to be Edurne’s parter on the stage and he didn’t think twice to accept the offer. When he signed the contract to go to Eurovision with her, the Sicilian dancer, was in the very last process to join Google.

Di Bella always has a plan B and even C. The experience opened his eyes and desire to discover more of the show biz. Never give up your hopes and when you see a chance and a door opens up, you have to fight for your real dreams.


Singers with similar voices

I was really surprised that there were some quite similar voices that were ruling the stage. For instance, the singer from Germany, Ann Sophie with “Black Smoke“, and also from Slovenia, Maraaya with “Here For You“, they had quite similar tones that completely remind me of Duffy. For me specially these two voices, made me close my eyes and made me thing Duffy was really influences in their way of singing. 

Eurovision 2015-Poland

Poland’s singer Monika Kuszyńska was singing “In The Name Of Love“. I really enjoyed her song and also the evolution of Eurovision Song Contest. What made Monika’s performance that special for me? The fact that she was in her wheelchair.

With that you can see the evolution and fight for equality rights. Everybody can achieve what they want, only themselves are there to put their limits. It’s a complete proof of her eager to continue fighting for something she loves doing.


Also Lithuanian song “This Time sang by Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila,put their drop to equality & GLBT with their kiss during the song where were 3 couples giving a kiss. One male and female couple, one male and one female couple giving a kiss. That was such a powerful kiss in Eurovision by showing off the support of GLBT Rights and support. Over that symbolic act there was a HUGE applause from the audience by approving it. Was really great moment to see in the show. After Chonchita, with her stunning beard, winning it last year, there has been a great evolution in this contest by not being afraid to show your personal preferences, not being ashamed of your sexual orientation, something that world has been waiting for long time already. It’s about time to take down all that judgmental walls and feel free

Bad luck for Greece from my side. I found that the song from Maria Elena Kyriakou “One Last Breath had a strong influence of Celine Dion. Even her voice tone sounded a bit similar in some occasions. Also “One Last Breath” had heavy reference of Spanish song from Pastora Soler “Quedate Conmigo from Eurovision 2012 and from last year’s winner Conchita Wurst “Rise Like a Phoenix

Eurovision 2015-Austria

Austria’s group The Makemakes who sang the song “I Am Yours” were considered as the “hipsters” group of the contest. It was really bad luck for Austria this competition. This year, since 1997, for the first time, more than one country has gone home with ‘nul points’.

The final results of Eurovision 2015:


The winner of Eurovision 2015 is Sweden and it’s something that’s already clear to all of us. Very great to see that the Swedish are doing something different to win. With Loreen’s performance it was really innovative and got numerous new fans the whole performance and the dance. Now this time Måns Zelmerlöw surprised us with the original, and cute at the same time, where he interacts with the puppet out of light. Here I will leave you a few more images of this cute Eurovision 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw. Till next year guys.


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