The most promiscuous countries in the world

The most promiscuous countries in the world

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For those tireless sexual travellers who are planning your next travel, or just for the ones looking for interesting information, here I present you the graph of the most promiscuous countries. Data is based on the formula that measures sociosexuality.

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 So, if you’re not getting enough satisfaction in your country, you might consider visiting Finland this summer. If not satisfied there either, you can always consider to continue your trip down from Finland and visit countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. They are all in the top 13. Girls and guys there are cute and sexually opened.

The index of promiscuous was done by David Schmitt and took in consideration the following factors:

  • The number (reasonable) of partners you see having over the next 5 years
  • The number of sexual encounters on the first date you’ve had
  • The times you fantasize of having sexual relations with someone who’s not your current partner

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Evaluating from 1 to 10 the following:

  • How do you agree with “it’s OK to have sex without love?”
  • “Can I imagine myself having sex with multiple partners and enjoy it?”
  • “Do I have to have an emotional relation to feel comfortable and enjoy sex?”

All that changes as well as there’s an important ingredient involved there which is fantasy. At the same time, I’m from Estonia, which is listed as number 12, and (when I was still living there) the people were quite conservative (in a sexual way) there and not really into cheating their partner. May be things have changed after 11 years I’ve been living in Spain. Talking about Spain, it sure should be in the top 10 at least. What I see here is completely different to what they have given out as a result of this research. Also Italy should be included to the quite very top list.

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There is a certain relation between per capita income and promiscuity. Looks like economic wellness encourages also sexual wellness, with exceptions like Bolivia and, on the other side, Belgium. This information is not only based on the economical level of the country, but also of social standards that higher income society promotes, the free time, gender open-mindness, etc.

So, I hope I have replied to the question of what countries are the most promiscuous countries in the world? So, now it all depends on what kind of trips you’re normally planning. Hope this list helped you to choose your next travel location.

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