8 properties of Sperm you didn’t know

8 properties of Sperm you didn’t know


Guess you’re really curious about this article to see what is it you’re missing out to know what additional properties sperm has that are beneficial for us. Its reison d’être is to reproduce. There are another additional 8 properties that masculine fluid has that for sure will surprise you.


  • Skin softener – Completely true, I’m not kidding. The semen contains an antioxidant called “Spermine” which reduce wrinkles, softens the skin and even works as an aid against acne. That is so true that a Norwegian company called Bioforskining synthesised that component and now commercialises with it as facial cream. The price for it of course goes with it. You will need to hand out a nice amount of $250 for this skin softener. You’re in your age of still having acne and you’re bored at home? Not you know how to get rid of the acne and you could turn into a popular guy. The first wrinkles caused from smiling too much in the corner of your eyes should fear you now with this knowledge.


  • Kitchen ingredient – As per Fotie Photenhauer’s book Natural Harvest, the semen it not only nutritional, but also has a marvellous texture and surprising culinary properties. As cheeses and fine wines, the taste of that fluid is complex and dynamic. The production of it is not expensive and is available at many (if not in majority) of homes and restaurants. Beside these positive qualities, sperm is not yet considered as food. The semen is an exiting ingredient which can give a nice twist to what you’re cooking. So, now it’s all of your imagination to decide how to use this in your cooking. Just use your imagination on what you could include it to. Pancakes, smoothies, lobster, yoghurt (you would barely notice a different texture), and so on.


  • Pigment – German artis Martin Von Ostrowski has used body fluids in his pieces. Specially he uses fluids in his paintings. One of his masterpieces is the Hitler’s portrait made of his dung. Back in 2008 Von Ostrowski presented in Schwules Museum (Berlin’s Gay Museum) paintings done with his own sperm. For that he had to ejaculate a thousand times. An average of 40 times per piece. To take advantage of every download, the artist froze the result of his “handwork”.

Invisible ink

  • Invisible ink – In the First World War, the famous British intelligence MI6 discovered that the seed could work as invisible ink. A really effective ingredient for a secret intelligence service like this. It was the captain Mansfield Cumming (his last name is not a joke) that took in charge of this research. From this he found out that the fluid bear the normal methods of the time to detect this kind of messages (for example iodine steam). This great knowledge was actually put in practice and more than once it was the suspect that had to provide with the with the “fresh” ink to finish the message. Also the messages had a particular smell that other people could recognize.


  • Anti-depressant for women – Some still dispute this idea. There’s evidence that sperm works as anti-depressive. Specially for women with vaginal contact with it. As per several studies about the topic it’s all about hormonal reaction where some of the 50 different components of the seed intervene. Cortisol, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotropin releasing hormone, melatonin and serotonin are just some of them. They all are known as great mood modifiers and are part of the chemical structure of it. There is no longer excuses why you should go to work depressed. There could always be a solution of calming down your stress and anger. You just need to go to open up your Grindr or Tindr (which ever you prefer) and get it solved. Or have someone stable working on you on a daily basis.

Control of ovulation

  • Control of ovulation – A study of Saskatchewan Univertity recommends that a protein of semen affects directly the area of brain that regulates the ovulation. And, in parallel, in the maintenance and survivor of nervous cells. Both effects do that the seed would work as a signal in the hypothalamus and the the pituitary gland that will let you know when the ovaries must release an egg.

  • Assistant against morning sickness – The morning sickness, a feeling that affects mainly pregnant women, can be cured with sperm. As by Gordon Gallup, Albania’s University‘s researcher, on the first weeks of pregnancy the female body perceive the genetic material of the progenitor as something strange, due to what will try to reject diseases and generates a vomiting sensation. Gordon’s proposal is that who ever is in this situation can generate a type of immunity by ingesting the semen of the father (obtaining it by oral sex). This solution has its logic, but they still discuss about it. Other studies secure that eating sperm also reduces the pre-eclampsia incidence on pregnant women.


  • Storage unit – Not too long ago, Sriram Kosui, and other researchers of Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities, managed to store 1 petabyte (1024 terabytes) in 1.5 mg of DNA. So, the features of this unit, that allows 3D storage, equals 1 cubic millimeter. Why should you ever worry about storing their music on an iPhone, Android phone, or store their favourite movies on an external hard-drive? We are all armed with great storage space. So, just plug yourself in and start storing data. Getting the data out again could be fun and entertaining. Just be sure it won’t happen to you like it did happen to a poor guy called Denzel. You can read the full article about how “A porn site gives away a free laptop to a user” by clicking HERE.

So, now you know the 8 properties of Sperm you didn’t know. I’m sure you were well surprised with some of them. Now it’s all up to you which of the solutions you would need and get your hands on it. 😉 

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