UN award to Estonian e-business register

UN award to Estonian e-Business Register

e-Business Register
e-Business Register in Estonia

Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) won the first price in 2015 United Nations Public Service Awards. The category was “Promoting Whole of Government Approaches in the Information Age”.

e-business register” was the initiative of Estonia that they presented to this awards. As by Mehis Sihvart, the director of RIK, the aim of developing e-business register, was to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and to provide an efficient e-governance service. UN award to Estonian e-business register, for a small country like Estonia.

Beside the Estonian company registration portal, in the Estonian initiative that they presented included, the Estonian e-business register information system, the XBRL annual reporting and the visualised business register.

Mehis Sihvart “The introduction of the e-business register’s company registration portal has fundamentally changed how companies are established and communicate with the government in Estonia. Sharing best-practices inspires also others and sets an example for the creation of new e-solutions in other countries.”

United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA) has a great meaning behind it as well. UNPSA was created to reward the contribution and creative achievements of public service institutions. All this worldwide. With these awards UN is trying to motivate innovators and give them the recognition for hard work. The awards have been handed out for over 10 years. For the edition of 2015, UNPSA Programme received a total of 848 entries.

Here’s a brief video (or go to the link below) to explain more details about e-Business Register in Estonia:


e-Business Register

Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems came out with one of their first services, the e-Business Register. It’s the basis to develop the Company Registration Portal and the Visualised Business Register.

The e-Business Register allows entrepreneurs to register new business online with just minutes. All this has been processed through a secure platform. There is no need to go to a notary or governmental offices. Now you can do it all online and completely secure. In the modern electronic times we live in, it’s about time to make such activities easier. The first price from UN to Estonia was completely correctly rewarded.

The functions:

  • Register a new company over the internet
  • Change data in the business register
  • File annual reports
  • Administrate members list of political parties
  • Detailed inquires of other companies

Back in 2011, 98,2% of all company submissions were done through internet with e-Business Register.

For full information please visit their website by clicking HERE.

For those of you who never heard of, or has no ideas where Estonia is at all, have a look at the map below.

Estonia location



Countries like Portugal, Finland, Belgium and Lithuania, their citizens can register their companies in Estonia and vice-versa. This is all thanks to cross-border digital signatures. By having this option, there’s HUGE potential for this service. The potential users are up to 20 million users which is not small at all.

It’s just great to hear that finally we are taking steps forward for a better community. Entrepreneurs from all over the Europe and world sure should be happy now. In several, at least European, countries for an entrepreneur it’s a complete HELL to try to set up their business that majority of people just give up directly. Too much paperwork needs to be filled it, you need to spend way too long time waiting for any of your papers to be processed, and either approved or you need to provide with more and more papers.


In the “Promoting Whole of Government Approaches in the Information Age” category winners were:



There are no shortlisted nominations in this category for this region.


1. First Place Winner Nomination 3708 – Work Right initiative – Singapore

1. First Place Winner Nomination 3750 – Thailand Holistic School in Hospital Initiative (HSH) – Thailand

2. Second Place Winner Nomination 2953 – Integrated Service Unit on Poverty Relief – Indonesia


1. First Place Winner Nomination 3017 – e-Business RegisterEstonia

2. Second Place Winner Nomination 3275 – Rural Support Service – Latvia


1. First Place Winner Nomination 3128 – National Information System – Ecuador

No Second Winner


1. First Place Winner Nomination 3670 – Emirates National Validation Gateway – United Arab Emirates

No Second Winner

You can see the full list of the 2015 United Nations Public Service Awards Winners by clicking HERE.



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