The Era of Online Dating

online dating couple


Gone were the days where you’d walk into a bar, order a drink and chat someone up.  Or even meet that cute nerd who’s browsing at a bookstore.


We’ve been rendered lazy by the one thing that’s supposed to make our lives easier – the internet.
The era of online dating has taken over and with platforms like Tinder and, we don’t even have to leave our house to look for that hottie. But honestly, how much can we expect out of an online date?


Just the words “online dating have such a negative connotation to them and a stigma that follows. Is it truly possible to find your partner by turning to online dating?


In the ideal world, this is probably how it should work:

1. Attraction at first sight (despite what you think or say, online dating is always, first and foremost, about your looks)

2. Chat with each other for a bit to make sure the other person is not just a pretty vase.

3. Go on dates to ascertain that you actually like each other for more reasons than just his or her physical attributes.

4. Start a relationship


Most of us make it to the third stage and then the budding relationship just fizzles out. Remember, it’s online dating so nobody is actually dating only ONE person. You have to be exceptional to make it to the last stage and by then, people are already having too much fun playing the field that it makes getting into a relationship almost impossible.


Get into it and have some fun but don’t expect anything serious to come out of it. If you are one of the lucky ones who actually managed to find someone whom you want to get into a relationship with, then bask in the glow and relish the happiness that comes with it.


After all, a little bit of fun is always welcomed in our lives.