The Unspoken Words from Your Choice of Drink



All of us have our very own go-to drink, whether it’s to knock back a couple after work or to have a wild night out. Of course, your choice varies sometimes, depending on the occasion, but you always have your comfort drink.


But what does your drink say about you and your personality? Are you telling your date / your friends / your colleagues something about yourself that you would rather not make known public?


Here’s a guide to the picture your drinks paints of you.


Whiskey, neat

You somehow manage to act fancy without being a snob. Jeans and button-up shirts may be your choice of clothing but you have that ability to look as if you just walked right out of a catalogue. You were probably voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in school.



You are generally a happy-go-lucky person and things have a way of working out for you. You work hard but you don’t want to work THAT hard. You’re pretty much a fuss-free person and like things easy.



You can definitely drink and you want people to know it. You are more likely to describe yourself as more head than heart and are the type to use words that people don’t understand.



You’re the one people seek permission from for various things. You’d rather stand on the outside of crowds instead of being the centre of attention. You don’t eat much, you don’t sleep much.


Vodka Tonic

You want to get trashed but you’re also aware of your calorie intake. You do all the healthy things such as choosing fish over steak and running daily but you don’t necessarily enjoy them. You’re the one who would be in charge of organising the party rather than be the party-goer.



You somehow manage to feel happy and dissatisfied simultaneously – if that’s possible. You’re ambitious but you don’t always feel lucky. One would describe you as a jealous person because you’re self-aware.


Maybe it’s time to switch that drink?