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Last year as I embarked on my first trip to Europe, a friend suggested I use Tinder to meet people. I questioned her “Wait, isn’t it a hook-up app?”, She responded as a matter of fact “No, people use it all the time to meet other travelers!”. I took up on her advice and my life forever changed. I first traveled to Denmark, Germany and then France. After getting a couple messages along the lines of I want to show you what a real french kiss tastes like or I wanted to take off your clothes in Europe, I laughed at how naive I was into thinking it was merely an app to meet up and chat over coffee. After a couple meet ups I realized these men wanted more than just coffee. Fortunately it did end up being a great experience (with clothes on), and it’s such an easy way to meet guys from different parts of the country (Man I love that French accent!).

As a hopeless romantic by heart, I crave romance. My head is always in the clouds and I dream of fairy-tale endings. I appreciate a little thoughtfulness. One time I saw a guy literally stop to smell the roses and it made my whole day brighter, that was two years ago and it still makes me smile. I go through great lengths to make someone feel appreciated. I also have to admit, I have the desire to want to be loved and give love back by a tenth-fold. Tinder is an app I couldn’t and still can’t take seriously. As much as I hope for the best, I don’t expect to find my husband or prince charming on it. You’re judging someone based on physical appearance rather than character after all, not the best foundation to lay a solid relationship on.


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Fast forward to Barcelona, I was lonely, tired and sick. I decided to play on Tinder. “He looks like trouble” Left. “Not really into guys who take bathroom selfies” Left. “He’s okay, but I do like redheads” Right. “Not really into raves” Left. 

The next morning I got a message from the redhead, by 10 in the morning I was already drunk on vodka. My new Russian friend suggested I drink vodka to help with my cold “If you’re sick Angie, vodka is the answer to everything!” Five shots later and with the desperation to have a companion for my last day in Barcelona, the redhead beat three guys to the chase and ended up meeting me in thirty minutes. I met him and I we both were delighted…[To be continued]


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