“The Story of Jan” the movie

“The Story of Jan” the movie

Jan Moll Vic was born on the 4th of 2009. When his father, Bernardo Moll, discovered that their Little Jan has a Down Syndrome he decided to start writing a blog called “La historia de Jan” to let everyone know what’s happening in their lives on a daily basis.

Jan Moll Vic

Last night while having dinner I was watching the news I saw a really toutching story of Jan Moll Vic that got into my heart. I know this “unknown world” myself quite well due to my little brother who has Prader-Willi Syndrome. Considered as one of the rearest diseases and is still being studied to understand better about it.

Bernardo is a film director and an editor. So, he decided to start recording everything happening in their lives. It’s been five years now since he started recording. Now the father made a decision that it’s time to take all his recorded material, get it out from the blog and get it to the big screen.


Bernardo Moll discovered that having a child with Down Syndrome makes you change your values. Every small step for another child looks really easy, but for Jan was a huge challange. Steps like crawling, walking arrive late and need a huge amount of dedication and consistency. With the blog he created he has helped many other parents that have a child with the síndrome, to get over the panic of the first days after discovering the news.

This film, “The Story of Jan” is of acceptance, effort and overcoming day-to-day challenges. The story can help many people to understand in details what families with disabled children face, difficulties of communications, social acceptance and many other issues. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is way too much ignorance in the world and way too little tolerance. The documentary will try to tell and show you the truth.

“The Story of Jan” is a vivid and unique project which I find is really needed to come out. With a tender touch of humor you will be approached to the unknown world of disabilities. As it’s Jan’s father who decided to dedícate his life on recording his son’s life, the documentary has a really personal sweet view to it.

Bernardo started a crowdfunding project to make the story live and get it on the big screens. You can see the full story of Jan at his blog http://lahistoriadejan.com/. For the ones that understand Spanish you will find the blog very emotional, engaging and revealing. You will see how strong is the LOVE in this family.

Please be so kind and DO share this emotional story to make it possible for the father to show everyone the real life of children with Down Syndrome and to grow awareness.

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