Travelling to Albufeira Portugal

Travelling to Albufeira Portugal

I went for holidays to Albufeira, south of Portugal. It was a great trip combined with holidays and also a wedding. Here’s what I saw, discovered and happened during the trip.

Taking off to travel

Take off

This time the purpose of my travel was to go to Seville (Spain), there me and my partner had reserved a car to driven then till Albufeira, all the way in south of Portugal. Then drive back to Seville and I would fly back to Barcelona and he would continue a road trip in Malaga area as he had another week off for holidays. In Albufeira we had a wedding of one of his very good friends. The trip in total was of taking off from Barcelona on Wednesday morning and fly back again on Sunday evening.

Taking off from Barcelona, all excited and can’t wait to land in Seville already. The fight was nice, smooth but not really comfortable. I was sitting between 2 chubby/muscular guys who barely fit in their seat anyways. I felt like I would need some lube to fit to my seat. So, imagine how I felt the whole flight. Lucky it was just a short flight of a bit over an hour.

In the airport of Seville we finally got our car and started driving towards Portugal. Actually we decided to make a quick stop in Huelva to have some lunch and to stretch our legs. Really great idea it was. Ok, time to continue. In no time (like 40 minutes after leaving Huelva we reached Portugal. It was my first time in that country and was all curious to see what’s it gonna be like. I mean the whole holidays. By the way, I was the copilot and had the GPS to guide my boyfriend how to get to our hotel.


Reaching Portugal

Once crossed the border with Portugal we started seeing some signs of tolls and some bizarre structures with lights and cameras. Didn’t understand a thing what’s happening. We were expecting, like in Spain, that the tolls would be that you have to stop, pay and then you continue your way. But there we saw just some weird metal structures on the highway that you just continue driving under and that’s it.

We managed to get to Albufeira around 5pm or so. Our hotel was Agua Viva which we booked through Of course, first thing we did was the check in, left our luggage in our room and ran to the beach. Our room was small but it was cozy. We didn’t care about the size of the room too much anyways as it was meant to be a place to fall dead after the long days of beach, sunbathing, eating, having a couple of drinks. The main requirement for me as a room is that it would have a double bed and a restroom. That’s all I need when I travel to somewhere new. I don’t travel to stay in my room. Travelling is to see the place and enjoy it like a pro. Also our hotel Agua Viva had a nice terrace, pool and chillout area. I was directly in love with that when arrived.

Agua Viva Albufeira Portugal

Jaw-dropping views

We discovered that the beach was just 5 minutes walk away from our hotel. It got even better with that. When walking down from a small side walk we started seeing the the sea. What sea??? It was my very first time of seeing an ocean. My pulse got even higher when approaching the beach. Behind the trees and bushes I started seeing something AMAZING. We were going down from a cliff and finally reached an incredible small beach. My jaw just dropped on the ground and it took me a while to pick it up and close my mouth of being astonished. Wooowwww… It was incredible what I saw. It took me a while to realize that really, I AM there and that it’s not a dream.

As a first step, after the long ride we had from Seville to Albufeira, that we needed a quick drink as ir was really hot and we needed a drink. So, we went to the beach bar and had a beer (non-alcoholic beer for me). It was a small beach surrounded with cliffs, with transparent green’ish water. At that moment luckily we had just a few clouds. When the sun came out my jaw just dropped on the floor again. The green shade of the sea changed. It turned into green with a tender touch of white. There was also a great change of colours where the gorgeous white’is green’ish just cut off and changed to marine blue. I was thinking “it just can’t get better than this“. I have to admit that I was really wrong. It got even better when we finally decided to dip in and try out the water. Yeah, it was a bit cold but after 30 seconds being in you got use to it and it didn’t feel cold at all and actually it got very pleasant. I completely felt like as if I was in heaven.

Meeting the bride and the groom

As the main purpose of our trip was the wedding, my boyfriend had over some friends he hadn’t seen for long long time. By the way, the wedding was of a Brazilian bride and an English groom living in London and they organized the wedding in Albufeira. When we decided that it was enough of the beach we went back to our hotel to chill a bit more at the pool, then get changed to meet up with my partner’s friends he hadn’t seen for long time.

Sunset at Albufeira Algarve Portugal

An emotional re-meeting took place when finally found his friends. It actually took some time to find them as we had no ideas where exactly they were. We had to search it up on Google Maps and find our way to them. Once we got there it got even more complicated. The whole apartments compelx, all the buildings were the same. It was quite difficult to find their apartment but we finally did. While we were waiting for our friends to finish getting dressed up, we witnessed a really colourful sunset that just blew off my mind. Once the girls and guys, the friends I was talking about, got ready we went out for dinner and to meet the rest of the people. We finally saw the groom and the bride. That night it was kind of like a warmup party for everyone that had arrived from different parts of the world.

The big day, wedding

On THE big day, we first had a quick breakfast and then some relaxing. We took the car and went to Praia de Santa Eulália beach first to recharge us with some new fresh energy before the wedding. It was another astonishing place to go. That beach was much longer than what we have next to our hotel. It was really nice just to leave your towel on the sand and go for a walk. As the night before we had just bought our first selfie stick we were really having a blast with that recording videos, taking pictures and testing it out while having a nice walk.

After a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying the weather it was time to get back to the hotel to start getting ready for the wedding. Once all clean from the sand, smart clothes on and ready, we went to pick up a couple of friends to go tother to the venue. When arriving I was more and more impressed. Driving in the Sheraton Algarve, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Albufeira, I got more and more excited about the event. Car parked, now time to find the final venue. The Sheraton venue in general was so big that it was actually quite easy to get lost. Actually some people did get lost several times through the night.

The wedding started off with a nice charming romantic ceremony. It took place on the edge of a cliff with the view directly to the ocean. The sky with no clouds even nearby, the sun gave that romantic brightness to the sea and the occasion area which had trees strategically planted to give a great shade to enjoy the event without having the sun burning and torturing you by making you sweat. Everything was like from a fairytale.

It was a really romantic ceremony. Both mothers, of the bride and the groom, read their speech in their own language. The mother of the groom, from England, had prepared a poem of her son. And the mother of the bride, from Brazil, made her speech in Brazilian. Both of them were very emotional and saw a lot of tears of happiness in the crowd. Also I do have to admit that a few tears fell from my eyes as well.

At the same time the ceremony had its funny moments as well. For example when the bride was walking down the aisle, their son was not really happy about not being in his mom’s arms and didn’t hide his emotions. It took some work of several family members to calm him down. While the happy couple was making their vows the youngster decided that he wanted to be on the aisle with his parents and didn’t let it go till he achieved his goal. Once in his mother’s arms with her wedding dress, his dad was telling his vows of love and dedication to his yet almost wife. The kid was listening it all and with everything his dad was saying to his mom, he was giggling which made the whole crowd giggle as well. It was just so sweet and perfect timing to drop in a moment of soft laugh to cover all the tears falling from everyone’s eyes.

It all didn’t stop there. 🙂 When the happy couple was declared as Mr. & Mrs. it was their turn to pass by us all together. While walking by the aisle as just married couple, the lovely young boy decided that he also wants some attention. So, while the freshly married couple was walking as tradition, he was running after them in the aisle, crying hard and trying to get his parents attention. It was such a cute moment that everybody who saw it was “aaawwwww…’ing”. Another funny but cute moment he caused.


The dinner was served on the same cliff. Every table, which was of around 10 people, had like 2 to 3 waiters serving you constantly. Even if you just had a quick zip of water there was a waiter waiting to refill your glass again. Very good service and also delicious food. Over the dinner there were different speeches presented. The show was ran by the brother of the groom who sure was a great showman. While enjoying my delicious dinner the sun was setting. All different shades of colours were present in the sky making the wedding day even more perfect.


Now the dinner was finished, after a few glasses of wine/ beer/ sparkling wine or other drinks, everybody was ready to party. The surprises hadn’t finished yet. We took an elevator down the cliff which took us to a lightened path that took us to the beach club of the Sheraton Hotel. This was the place where the real party took off. There was a DJ playing some music. As tradition, the bride and the groom made their first dance and then things got wilder. There was almost full moon. As the night went by you could see tide getting higher. Also the moon was getting higher and its light reflection on the water made the view perfect.

I’m not going to continue writing about how the wedding night ended after the whole afternoon and night people having drinks and at the beach club being a DJ. Just use your imagination to imagine the result of the combination of free drinks whole night and a huge domination of English nationality (the groom’s side), plus Brazilian (the bride’s side), and many other nationalities present. There were even coming from as far as San Francisco or Singapur.

Wedding hangover morning

Last night everyone had agreed to go to the beach directly in the morning. As the party was quite wild I thought that there won’t be anyone coming to the beach as most probably majority of them would have a head ache. Again I was wrong. Little by little started arriving people and they were quite OK by taking in consideration how some of them were the night before. This time we went to Praia da Falésia (Falésia beach). The best hangover cure is to go to the beach, get yourself an umbrella under what to hide from the burning sun, and dip in the ocean. That cures your hangover in no time. This was the reason why almost everyone was at the beach that day. Also the fact was that majority of them were from London and for them to see some good quality sun was just not acceptable that the heavy feeling they had in their stomach, would stop them enjoying the marvellous weather.

After a few hours on the beach enjoying great company me and my boyfriend decided to go for lunch. After which we stayed for some time at the pool of our hotel. Night time all of us decided to meet up again to go out for dinner and see what else would come up. As it was my last night in Albufeira, we decided that we would take it easy as the next day we had to start driving directly in the morning already.

The last day of my trip

And it was already Sunday which was my last day of holidays. After making the check out of our hotel in the morning we hit the road. Our next destination was Seville again for me to take my flight back home. It was nice to drive again but at the same time it was quite sad just to think it was about to end. When we finally got to Seville, we went for a short walk, a quick dinner and then stayed on a terrace and had a cold drink. It was just unbearable how hot it was. Just impossible to walk around or do anything. So, the only solution was to stay in the shade and enjoy a cold drink. I didn’t see too much of that amazing city but I know I will return there shortly.

Scary flight back to Barcelona

Flight back to Barcelona from Seville started off with not too much of confidence. Confidence from the side of the senior flight attendant. Of course it had to be a Ryanair flight.

My seat was in the 3rd row and because of all that I could see all the flight attendants were doing. The senior one directly when I was entering the plane she already projected a complete inconfidence in the situation. She seemed to be very nervous and was having difficulties to do anything correctly at all. Next to her there was a young young guy who gave impression of it being his first day working. Both of them, while waiting before taking off, were making heavy noises with their metal boxes which included food or what ever they included. The fact was that they sure were clumsy with the boxes and seemed to have constant problems with them. When she, the senior attendant, started walking down to do her security check, one of her buttons on the hight of her bra was opened quite wide and you could see it all. Then when she passed by again from the back you could see that even her uniform skirt’s zipper was quite wide opened. She was really nervous and looked a bit even hysterical which she was trying to hide but failed a lot.

Ryanair flight

Finally we took off and a guy walked to the front of the plane with the trolley with snacks and drinks. Another guy who looked like he just graduated and was his first day. Wooowwww… That sure made my day. By meaning that he was clumsy as well. “My goodness sake. Where the hell did I get myself in to” was my thought on seeing at the end of the plane that even the fourth flight attendant seemed to be a freshman and had really grumpy face. I know Ryanair is a low fare airline. But with low fares do they really have to reduce THAT drastically the passengers confidence or even to give a doubt of in case of emergency I think even I know better how to behave and get everyone to safe. Well, I’m on the plane and it has already taken off, there’s no going back now. Just have my phone in my hands and finish writing the story.

Just love travelling

The most important is always to keep the good memories of your trip and remember them. There’s always some tiny errors but I just loved it. It sure was a trip I will never forget. Now I’m back home in Barcelona, safe and all is good. Now waiting to decide which is my next destination and am wondering what it has to offer me.

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