What’s Your Stereotype



We all have our own preconceived notions of almost everything under the sun.


That fat girl eating a pizza as she’s walking down the street?

We assume she’s a glutton and is too lazy to get off her butt and go to the gym for a workout. But did we ever stop to think that maybe she’s sick and is unable to?


The helper we see with children at the playground?

We assume she didn’t have much of an education and is now having to pick up after the young ones. But did we ever stop to think that maybe she absolutely adores children and being able to take care of them is a dream come true for her?


We all have assumptions of others and more often than not, we also fall into a stereotype of some sort.

Are you guilty of any of these stereotypes or do you, maybe, fit into any one of them?




  1. American
    assertive, open-minded, ambitious, straight-forward, egoistic, fast-food eaters, progressive


  1. Arabs
    rich, bombers, belly dancers, men are all womanisers, women are all repressed
  2. Australians
    surf all day, drink all night, free-spirited, sports/nature lovers, meat eaters
  3. Brazilians
    party animals, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, carnivals, lovers of the beach and the sun
  4. British (UK)
    heavy drinkers, stiff, rude, intelligent and articulate, anti-American
  5. Chinese
    fast learners, ambitious, efficient, martial arts like kung fu, great at Mathematics, cheap labour
  6. French
    best cuisine in the world, selfish, rude to tourists, arrogant and conceited, good lovers
  7. Italians
    passionate, pizza/pasta lovers, smooth-talkers, fashion-addicted, Casanovas
  8. Japanese
    organised, workaholics, buy sex toys and porn from vending machines, women make the perfect devoted wives, raw-fish eaters
  9. Mexicans
    heavy tequila drinkers, family-oriented, attractive women who are easy to get, overweight men with golden teeth, illegal immigrants
  10. Russians
    rude, aggressive, alcoholics, organised crime (think the Mafia)
  11. Spaniards
    party animals, womanisers, extroverted, always late, affectionate, patriotic and proud of their culture, open-minded
  12. Thai
    speak/sing a funny language, women are sexy and work in massage parlours, ladyboys, promiscuous