Holy Selfie: Illustrations Of Religious People by Gündüz Ağayev

Holy Selfie: Illustrations Of Religious People by Gündüz Ağayev

Gunduz Agayev is a painter who often draws caricatures where he criticises religion. Problems regarding education, social injustice, human rights and religious fundamentalism is what his works touch the most.

Agayev has held three exhibitions so far and now he also collaborates with three magazines.

This time he has made some drawings where he expresses the “holy selfie” in different angles. Gündüz Ağayev’s Holy Selfie: Illustrations Of Religious People.


More info at: Meyadan TV

This time he had made a collection of global police. Have a look at his images to see how he sees the world and have a think what part is actually reality. Some images can be a bit hard but they DO reflect what is shown through international press.

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