Jobs That You Would Actually Want



Looking for a job is always stressful. You want to have fun at work but you also want to earn the big bucks. The usual run of the mill kind of jobs just don’t do it for you anymore. Why would you want to be stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day when you can be doing so much more with your time?

You could be travelling the world!
You could be helping less fortunate people!
You could be gaining experience in things you normally wouldn’t have given two hoots about.

So instead of looking for a job that most people would consider “normal”, how about thinking outside the box and look for the jobs that would give you a completely different experience?

I know these are some jobs that I would definitely apply for if they ever fall into my lap!

shutterstock_127191887Professional sleeper
Getting paid to sleep?! YES PLEASE.
There’ll be some work involved like writing/blogging about your experience if you’re hired by a hotel but that’s almost a breeze compared to doing the company’s accounts.Sometimes, researchers and doctors also hire professional sleepers to test their theories about sleep. The only catch is you’ll be hooked up to a lot of machines and will probably have bed hair, but this will also be one of the easiest ways you can make money without burning too much effort.

Go-go dancer
My lifelong dream of being a go-go dancer is diminishing as I grow older but if you’re just starting out or if you’ve got a smoking body and a sense of rhythm, then a go-go dancer is the way to go! Having done it once in New York, it’s a liberating job that lets you earn money while soaking up the party atmosphere.

The best part? You’ll still have time to yourself in the day where you won’t be camouflaged with the crowd trying to run your errands.

Tour guide. Food guide. Party guide. Pick one of your interests and join a company that organises a trip/outing of its nature and you can lead the group whilst doing what you love!Imagine being able to introduce your favourite eating joints to groups of people at a time. Or bringing people out to the best drinking haunts and party places while having fun meeting new people. You’ll definitely not dread going to work!

Professional snuggler
If you’re affectionate and are into hugging and cuddling, then this is the perfect job for you! Since there are so many people looking for love and not finding any, this is a job that fulfils their needs and wants of having a human companion.The going rate averages USD80 per hour and you snuggle with your customer fully clothed; so there’s no kinky business going on. What happens if you feel something down south? Pretend you didn’t notice and think of the money you’re earning!

Social escort
Get your mind out of the gutter because this is something that is completely legit. While some people may think that a social escort is synonymous to a prostitute, it actually isn’t.A social escort is a person who is hired to accompany the client on a social function or simply to spend time with him/her. Whatever happens after the official engagement, that’s your business.