Must-Have Slangs For Your Dictionary


I was chatting to a friend last week on Whatsapp and he used the term “FOMO”. I stared at my screen for a good 2 minutes before finally deciding that I don’t care if I seemed old. I did the unthinkable…. AND ASKED HIM WHAT IT MEANT. *gasps*
Yes, I’m not one of the cool kids.


Slangs and catchphrases are invented way too often and the cool kids drop these words into the conversation, expecting everyone to know what they’re talking about.


I dare say the whole world knows the term “selfie” by now, even if they’re of the older generation. But what about the words that were made popular in the second half of 2014 or even in 2015?




Fomo – fear of missing out

On fleek – on point, perfect

Half chub – half erect penis

Vape – smoking an e-cigarette

Toke – smoking a joint

Hangry – when you are so hungry that you get angry

Dafaq – the fuck? What the hell?

Ratchet – something that is ugly, gross, annoying or unappealing

Turnt – to be extremely drunk or high

Bae – Before Anyone Else /babe. Term of endearment for a significant other

Thot – That Hoe Over There. A promiscuous girl