Your Favourite Food Is Your Sex Personality


You are what you eat.

Isn’t that one of the most annoying sentences you’ve ever heard? Just because I like to stuff my face with pizza and chocolates doesn’t mean that I’m a lazy and depressed person. It just means I like to eat junk.


But never mind what your favourite food says about your personality. Have you ever wondered what it says about your sex personality?



If meat is a must-have in your meals, you probably want a partner who’s strong and feisty and will make sex an exciting experience every single time. You like to be thrown up against the wall and have your shirt ripped off. Getting a slap or two on your butt may turn you on even more; more so than the one you got from your parents when you were a child.




Romance is your deal. You turn to mush when there’s soft music playing, roses scattered on the bed and sweet nothings whispered in your ear. To you, sex is not sex. You’re making love and you love having eye contact with your partner. It always ends off with a long cuddle.



You’re creative and inquisitive. For you, sex isn’t just a physical act but also an intellectual one. You’re not shy about suggesting a new position that you want to try and you’ll even go as far as to plan these moves.




Get off the couch and stop being lazy! Pizza-lovers are supposed to be lazy because they don’t like putting in effort in the things they do. But hey, you’ll probably get to have pizza after sex, so that should more than make up for it.


Macaroni and cheese

EVERYONE loves mac and cheese, especially when they’re sick, but if this is your go-to food of all times, then you’re a simplistic lover. You think wearing your PJs and watching TV/movies with your partner is sexy and you’d do it again and again. Sex is easy and routine for you – watch TV/movie, have sex, go to bed. Simple and conventional. No whipped cream or handcuffs here.



DIRTY SEX – you live for it. If your favourite food is one that has your hands covered with sauce, sour cream and guacamole staining your clothes, then you definitely don’t give a rat’s ass about making a mess. You welcome sex of all sorts – food in bed (chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped cream), sex on the beach and even period sex (gross!).