Scientifically proved: marihuana kills cancer.

Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, is one of the pioneering scientist who made the discovery on how THC (the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant) systematically eliminates the cancer cells.

Smoking marihuana kills cancer cells

Back in December 2013 a videos was published in YouTube which reveals the benefits of diverse components of marihuana as an allies against cancer, and is getting the attention and interest of the scientific community. Here you can see the video of Cannabis Planet.

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“We observed that the cannabinoids are very effective to reduce the growth of the tumor” says the molecular biologist Dr. Christina Sanchez in the video. “The cells can die in different ways, and after being treated with cannabinoids, the cells die in a clean way; suiciding, which is what we really look for” she adds.

As cannabinoids have a rejuvenative effect on rebuilding the immune system, several studies have proved that they also have the ability to reduce cancer cells. Patients from all over the world are witnessing a great success in their cancer reduction thanks to marihuana’s cannabinoids.

As per experts, “the cannabinoids behave in a complex way, influencing on many important processes that cancer cells need for living”.

The cannabinoids are a group of natural substances that can also be created in an artificial way, that would include the active ingredients of cannabis that react on some body’s receptors.

National Cancer Institution also confirmed that cannabidiol (one particular part of cannabinoids) “can make the chemotherapy to be more efficient and increase the death of cancerous cells without damaging the normal cells”.

cannabinoid rich tinctures

Unfortunately for most, smoking joints (smoking pot) isn’t the cure for such cases. It only provides you with a slight benefit in the treatment of some diseases. This is because the required medicinal level of cannabinoids are hard to obtain through smoking alone. Generally, the best way to go about ingesting the necessary cannabinoids for medical purpose is either by creating cannabinoid rich tinctures or just eating the raw plant material.

Dr. Sanchez added “I cannot understand why, in the (United) States, cannabis is under Schedule I. It is pretty obvious not only from our work, but from work from many other researchers, that the plant has very wide therapeutic potential.”

So, we should have a deeper look in the laws in regards to medical drugs and what should be legal and what should not. Me personally think that if marihuana kills cancer cells by making the cells to suicide, and that it has scientifically proved, all countries should review their laws and facilitate things.
smoking marihuana vs smoking tobacco

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