Spanish president Mariano Rajoy punched in the face


This afternoon the Spanish government president Mariano Rajoy was punched in his face.

While making his walk through the crowd in Pontevedra, a 17 years old guy punched the Spanish president in his face. First the guy had taken a selfie with Rajoy, and a few moments after that the guy decided to take a good heavy smash in the face of Mariano breaking his glasses.

Immediately, the young guy was arrested and taken to custody. The guy when being arrested was greeting people as is he was a star. They say that the youngster might be facing up to 6 years of prison but at the same time as he is under-aged there won’t be heavy charges taken. It was mentioned that the 17 year is mentally not stable. As per ABC (Spanish newspaper) that the assailant if from a known family from Pontevedra and is connected to a radical independents group. He belongs to “Mocidade Granate”, the ultras of Pontevedra Football Club.


Spanish president attacked

President Rajoy went directly to his car and left. He did not make any changes in his campaign schedule. He continued his election events and went to his next meeting. Of course there was a delay with the start of the next meeting but Mariano Rajoy showed up. He showed up to the meeting without his glasses as they were broken with the punch he received.

We’re at the very end of the Spanish general elections and “the show must go on”. Every event and meeting organized counts as the results right now look very difficult to every politic party.

Mariano Rajoy punched in his face 

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