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Boldness. I’ve always had my own idea of what being bold entailed, I thought that I needed to be wild, to be colorful, to be loud and to be seen. Bold. According to Merriam-Webster, it means  1. (of a color or design) having a strong or vivid appearance. Synonyms include: striking, vivid, eye-catching or prominent. Yes! I would love to be all these things, but the truth is…I am quiet, I am an introvert, I don’t wear bright colors, I am not loud enough and I don’t stand out.

I have good news. You don’t have to wear neon yellow jeans or wear a bright red lipstick to appear “bold” to stand out. Dyeing your hair blue may be fun, but can your personality be as quiet as the wind yet still make a strong impact? Yes. Not only does bold mean having a strong or vivid appearance, but it also means 2. (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. Synonyms include: daring, brave, courageous, valiant, fearless, dauntless.

Being bold doesn’t mean that you need to be on a table and shout out loud to be heard. Being bold is speaking up despite your fears of being heard. This was the game changer in my life, I can be bold in my own way. Naturally I am soft spoken and tend to keep to myself. One day I was in the Philippians for a missions trip and as I walking in a town I was unfamiliar with, I approached a man and struck up a conversation with him about his town, our team challenged us to get acquired to the country by talking to locals. It was intimating but it had to be done! When I came back to my team, a friend exclaimed “that was bold of you to do that!” to talk to a stranger in an unfamiliar country and out of my comfort zone. I didn’t feel bold, but I did take a risk.

Can we come to some agreement that life is short? Let’s challenge ourselves at being a little bolder, a little more brave and a little more courageous. Here are three simple challenges that can be applied to add a little fun risk in your life.

  • Write down what your fears are and pick one to work on. I had my list of fears written down on a sheet of paper last December and identified why they were fears. One of them was to run a marathon, I hesitated signing up for one because I had fears of “what if I don’t finish? what if all this money goes to waste?” The biggest factor was the fear of failing. The fear never went away after registering for the race and even during my training plan. But I conquered that fear when I finished. Now I am contemplating on doing a triathlon! Don’t let fear stop you, because who knows I may just become an Olympic gold medalist in a triathlon one day…not. But you get the point.
  • Say hello to a stranger. This is a quick application that can be applied. If you are shy like me or need to work on your social skills, a quick hello doesn’t hurt. There is no pressure and it is a considerate thing one can do. Beware though, that stranger may want to strike up a conversation. Then you’re invited to coffee. Then you are invited on a date. Then you fall in love. I’m kidding, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • Travel to a new-to-you place. It doesn’t need to be expensive. There are gems in your city waiting to be discovered. Try a new coffee shop. Go hiking. Add adventure in your life! Be daring!
  • Join a meet-up. Sure meeting people and forcing small talk may require a lot of energy. Join a meet-up where people share the same passions as you, then you wouldn’t have to worry about small talk, you all have something in common. Join a meet-up that loves wine or one that does language-exchanges. The possibilities are endless.
  • Don’t give up. Some fears take shorter or longer to conquer. But let’s all learn to conquer our fears and add boldness in our life.

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