Spanish general elections 2015

Yesterday, the 20th of December, Spain had the general elections.

Spanish General elections 2015
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PP (Partido Popular) won with the minority of votes and achieved only 123 deputies and without a partner to have the majority to govern. Spain is looking to go through complicated times.

With 100% of votes counted PP was the most voted political party. Though with the current results they lose over 60 seats in the parlament compared to the general elections back in 2011. There are 176 deputies required to have the absolute majority.

PSOE got 90, compared to the 110 seats they got last time.

Podemos, having their premier with the general elections, sums up with its other brands a total of 69 seats. Ciudadanos, another freshman in general elections, they got 40 deputies.


Here are the results of the Spanish General Elections 2015

Summary of the 20 December 2015 Spanish Congress of Deputies election results
Spanish Congress of Deputies election, 2015 results.svg
Party Vote Seats
Votes  % ±pp Won +/−
People’s Party (PP)[b] 7,215,530 28.72 Decrease16.32 123 Decrease64
Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) 5,530,693 22.01 Decrease6.75 90 Decrease20
Blank ballots 187,766 0.75 Decrease0.62
Total 25,122,830 100.00 350 ±0
Valid votes 25,122,830 99.10 Increase0.39
Invalid votes 226,994 0.90 Decrease0.39
Votes cast / turnout 25,349,824 73.20 Increase4.26
Abstentions 9,280,429 26.80 Decrease4.26
Registered voters 34,630,253
Source: Ministry of the Interior
Source: Wikipedia

5 important phrases from the speeches of Rajoy, Iglesias, Sánchez, Rivera & Garzón

Mariano Rajoy

“Thanks to you this political party continues being the first strength of Spain. You’ve been loyal to the ideas of the party”.

It’s been 4 complicated years and we’ve taken decisions a government doesn’t like to take. I’ve done what I thought was the best for Spain”.

I will try to form a government. Spain needs a stable Government. Now we need to preserve what we have done”.

I will find a Government that will serve the general interests of every Spanish”.

Spain needs certainty and confidence. It’s needed to talk more and I will try to do it”.


Pedro Sánchez

We’ve done history, we’ve done the present and the future is ours”.

They’ve tried to make PSOE to disappear and they have not managed to do it. We’re still a winner party”.

“It’s up for the first political party to negotiate to form a Government”.

Spain wants left and wants to change”.

“A new stage of politics has opened in Spain, the democracy is dialog and PSEO is willing to do it“.


Pablo Iglesias

“We’re the first ones in Catalonia and Basque Country. We’re the only strength to leader the change”.

The elections system requires an update that adapts proportionality to what the Constitution says”.

Catalonia is a nation and Catalunya has to have a different constitutional fit”.

“A new Spain has born”

The reform of the Constitution is “urgent”, “indispensable” and “essential”.


Albert Rivera

“We have achieved that a new political center in Spain consolidates”.

“I am proud to be the leader of the party that has not slandered nor has played dirty“.

“Today, Spain faces a stage of hope and illusion“.

“The votes of PP, PSEO and nationalists have double value compared to Ciudadanos. We will change the elections law“.

“Unlike others, I can sleep in peace tonight“.  go to sleep tonight


Alberto Garzón

“We have not achieved our own group nor break the bipartisanship“.

“We want to congratulate the candidates of En Marea y En Comú Podem because they have proved that the popular unity is the way. The success of the candidates of Catalonia and Galicia obliges to rethink from now”.

“Out political strength needs 400.000 votes per deputy“.

“We are the fifth force in votes due to the severe punishment of the electoral law“.

“Six months ago we were out of the Congress in all polls and we have vetoed in debates, but they could not erase us”.


Now the elections have finished, let’s see which of the promises the parties made they actually fill. As it is that over the elections period political parties promise a lot but when it comes to the time of fulfilling their promises they don’t seem to remember any of them. So, another 4 years of Mariano Rajoy being in charge of the Spanish Government.

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