More Sex or Better Sex For The New Year?

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Ushering in the new year always comes with resolutions. It can be anything from wanting to lose weight, to doing a good deed a day or to eating clean. But let’s face it – how many of your resolutions have you kept? Sure, you’re all psyched and gungho about it when the bell chimes at midnight but are you still keeping to your resolutions come March? Or July?

How about making a resolution that not only can you actually stick to, but also want to?

2016 calls for better sex.


sex in the morning

Screw the diet and just make a promise that you will have better sex in the coming year. It really isn’t all that difficult.

Just be sure to have sex at 3pm if you want to achieve that. This may be a tad difficult if you’re a working adult but nobody said you have to have 3pm-sex every day. Have mid-day sex on the weekends and then have sex whenever you want on weekdays.

The time is specific to 3pm because that’s the time when men are at their peak levels of oestrogen – which means that they are more present emotionally while you’re having sex. You know what that means… it’s not a “wham, bam, thank you m’am” scenario.

And for the women, that’s the time when your levels of cortisol are increased and hence, you’re at your most alert and energetic of the day.

Of course, you may argue and say that it’s always best to have sex in the morning when you’re fully rested and your senses are heightened.

I say, just have sex with your partner whenever the mood strikes you.

If you can’t have better sex, you can always strive for more sex.
You know you want to.