New contactless card scam!!!

POS Credit card scam

Got a contactless credit card and you take a train frequently? Be careful when people bump into you.

When using a metro or train you will need to be careful with people that “accidentally” bump into you. A man, wearing a Point of Sale device, was pictured on a train wandering around near people. The same device that you use in a shop to pay with your contactless card.

In principal all he needs to do is to enter a price lower than £30 and then tap the device against people’s pockets and you will be charged.

Almost all new debit cards and credit cards issued now offer a chip. This allows users to authorise smaller transactions without having to enter the PIN code. This, in principal, was developed to make the small amount payments faster and more comfortable, but at the same time it is dangerous in many ways. Even when you lose your wallet and have your cards in there, till you finally manage to talk to your bank and block your card, a thief might have used it in several places by paying in smaller amounts and take your money.

Mr. Jarvis, the Facebook user, saw the “scammer” at work and said, “So this guy was spotted wandering round with a Point of Sale (POS) device. All he has to do is key in a price less than £30 and then touch the device on the pocket that contains your wallet.”

POS Thiefs

As this kind of crime hasn’t been widely reported yet in the UK, and that there are stringent security checks on merchant accounts, states The UK Cards Association.

From the other hand from the image you can not see clearly that it is a UK train. So, this “scammer” could be actually anywhere. It’s not time to invest in a good safe wallet, or for a Kickstarter project for a great secure wallet. 

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