Superfoods that will improve your health and body in 15 days



Superfoods that will improve your health and body in 15 days

They consider the superfood the ones that have a high level of nutrients. The ones that beside providing the human organism with needed vitamins and minerals, also bring additional benefits to your health. These aliments do not need to be processed, like others, to become even more nutritious. Consuming them raw and in a natural way is enough to give our body an extra dosis of nutrients. we would like to present you a few of these extremely healthy ingredients that you could include to your diet and notice a great change in your health and vitality. It just take you around 15 days when you should start noticing the difference. Of course you should consume these ingredients regularly. In the transformation you will see that: your defences will remain high, your digestion will improve a lot, the synapse (brain communication) of your neurons will function faster and is more effective, and your heart as well your blood circulation will get big benefits from it too.

These nourishments contain high leves of fiber, minerals, proteins and vitamins. A primary source of antioxidants, help you prevent cardiovascular diseases, and the best of all of it, they’re easy to prepare, they’re delicious and very easy to include to your diet.

You’ll be surprised, for example, when you read that eating chocolate will improve considerably your health and your of your family.



Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa is a species of goosefoot genus (Chenopodium quinoa). Beet or spinach could be its cousins. Of course they don’t look alike at all. The main is, where do they come from? Yes, they grow, originally on the tops of the Andes, in countries like Perú or Bolivia.

This nourishment brings you a high dosis of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and helps us to raise our levels of energy.

As per some studies, quinoa has a high concentration of proteins up to 23%. This means that it goes over the vegetables that provide this nutrient. Beside all that you could make a long list of the vitamins this healthy ingredient includes (C, E, B1, B2, B3), folic acid, potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus.

Quinoa is a great skin revitaliser, helps you beat different viruses. A very important part of course is that it strengthens your immune system and fills you with energy. Beside that nourishes you on all levels.

quinoa seeds bars

There are many ways of consuming quinoa seeds. With some imagination and cooking skills you could easily make some healthy snacks to take with you and kill your hunger when you feel like having something.



Healthy Blueberries

The blueberries belong to the family of red fruits. Beside their delicious taste, blueberries are very rich in vitamin C. Just 50 gr of blueberries contain triple of vitamin C than an orange.

These small fruits also stimulate the production collagen. So this is a great tip for you to include to your diet if you want to maintain your skin nice, young and elastic.

Wasn’t that enough for you to include this superfood in to your diet? There’s more to come. The blueberries are a great source of antioxidants. By consuming this delicious fruit you will also improve considerably your memory and general cognitive functions. As blueberries contain flavonoids, which protects your body from free radicals, that can damage the healthy tissue as well as decrease the capacity of our memory. That’s why this blue and red fruit helps prevent brain degeneration.

Blueberry muffin

One of the great ways to consume this super fruit is by treating yourself with some gluten free, low calories blueberries. I’m sure that you thing that something that delicious can’t be healthy. You’re wrong, there are several ways of how to swap the fattening ingredients and replace them with healthier. For example you could use wholemeal instead. Up to you to decide how you like them. Also another option is making some delicious smoothies.




Chia is a plant from the family of Mexican or Guatemalan mint. It’s the seeds of it which is the superfood. They are a really powerful source of vegetable omega 3 and fiber. Chia seeds are a really great option to include in your diet as its positive effects include such results as increase of energy,  stabilizing the sugar in your blood, helps with your digestion and reduces the level of cholesterol. Apart from that they’re also another perfect selection if you looks for something that would be a great antioxidant, is high in calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

You can easily add the Chia seeds to juices and soups. Not to worry, they don’t change the natural flavor of your normal preparations. Another easy way to consume this healthy superfood is just adding a spoon full to a glass of water, or water with lemon.


The option with lemon is a good one I would say. Squeeze 1 lemon to a glass, fill it with water, add a spoon of chia seeds and you have a super healthy refreshing and recharging drink which will prepare you for the day. 

It’s recommended to ingest them daily. You could take it as a habit and include them to your breakfast. Like this you will kick off the day directly by offering your body an extra dose of nutrients.

Every day they’re more popular and it’s easier to get them. If you can’t find them in a shop near you, try finding out where’s your closest naturist or biological store. 


Dry fruits


The dry fruits are all seeds and walnuts. This group of food bring you many different benefits. Beside enjoying a tasty snack you will also load your body with minerals and vitamins, such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin E.

They’re a excellent ally to maintain a healthy cardiovascular and brain health. Ingesting them you make sure that your organs will receive a big input of both, blood and oxygen.

All this works in favor of the brain connection. For example, the walnuts, being consumed constantly, will improve your memory. The reason for that is because they allow you to store information on short term.

From now on it’s all up to you to decide how you will include these superfoods to your diet. Also now your know why they are called super. Include them to your daily diet, continue consuming them, and soon you’ll see and feel the changes in your body. You’ll start having more energy, have more beautiful skin and you’ll save a lot of money from not having to buy all the medicine.

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