Doing 1000 sit-ups a day is useless

We think that doing thousands of sit-ups a day will get us a perfect ab. NOT TRUE.

First of all to point out that women will need to have below 20% of fat and men below 12% to start seeing your abs (aprox.). Do as many abs as you want but this layer will not reduce. That’s for to have a nice sexy “six-pack” it’s recommended to combine cardiovascular and muscular exercise instead of just abdominal.

Doing 1000 sit-ups a day is useless. Why is that?

The reason for that is because it’s important to lose fat. By only doing abs we can burn some kcal, but by doing HIT (High Intensity Training), a great option to choose, we could burn 4 times more with the same time. This means that you’ll get your desired “six-pack” a lot faster with cardio, or with muscular training, than just by doing abs.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re not supposed to stop training your abdominal area. It’s still very important for you to work on that areas as well. Working on that muscle group you will strengthen the Core and the center of our body.

Did you know that doing squats with free weight, without wearing a belt, we get our abs involved more than with a sit-up? Have a think about this and react on it.

By now it’s more than obvious that eating healthy is a MUST. We could easily do a great HIT + 60 minutes of muscular training with short rest intervals, but if we don’t eat well the abs will not show up. Another proof for the saying “Abs are done in the kitchen and not in the gym!!!“. Around 90% of the cases this is true as well.

By the way, doing 1000 abdominals are worthless. What happens if you do 1000 chest exercises? Do you think your chest will grow? In the beginning it will but soon, as it will not take you an effort your muscles get use to it and will stop improving. The same happens with the abs. Seriously, if you can do 1000, increase the intensity, change the exercise and do something more difficult that would be a challenge for your body again.

Now, what you’re waiting for? Go for your six-pack!!! 

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