The new Colossus of Rhodes to be built in Greece

The Colossus of Rhodes Project

The Colossus of Rhodes will be built again and will be taller than Statue of Liberty. The new Colossus of Rhodes to be built in Greece and to boost off the economy of Greece.


The Colossus of Rhodes (Kolossòs Rhódios) was a statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios. It was built in the city of Rhodes which is on the Greek island of the same name. The statue was originally built by Charles of Lindos in 280 BC, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The original statue of Helios, god of the sun, in the Greek city was just of 30m and collapsed in 226BC in an earthquake where it snapped its knees. The inhabitants of Rhodes were thinking of rebuilding it but since Oracle at Delphi suggested NOT to do it by saying that its destruction meant the inhabitants had angered Helios by building it in the first place. Now it will be replaced with a 150m structure which is five times the size of the original.

About the project

The idea of all this colossal project was born in combination of young professionals from different European countries. Young geniuses from Greece, Spain, Italy and UK put their heads together to rebuild this ancient statue but this time with 21st-century standards. It’s a group of architects, civil engineers, PR & marketing, economists, and archeologists that will work on this project to raise the “contemporary 150-meters-tall building which would be used as a cultural center, as a library, an exhibition hall and lighthouse.” As legend states the original did, and the new Colossus will, hold a huge beacon above its head.

Colossus of Rhodes Project Solar Panels

New technologies

A great part of this project is that it will involve many new technologies. Starting off with the skin of it. The statue will be covered with solar panels which will make it one of the first buildings of its kind. The great quantity of electrical energy produced by the solar panels on the construction will be given to the public grid for free. Part of this amount will be requested back when needed. Beside the sustainable skin, the Colossus of Rhodes will have different intelligent technologies to prevent the consequences of earthquakes and wind forces. Of course we’re not interested that the tragedy that brought the original statue down would repeat again. As we live in a modern world, we can now prevent, or do our best to try to prevent, the history to repeat. The Colossus of Rhodes is designed to be completely sustainable architecture and it is energetically autonomus.

Colossus of Rhodes - 3

Unlike the original, this new tourist attraction will have a library, museum – and shops.


The main idea originally comes from Antoni Gaudí and his fabulous Sagrada Familia. Gaudí’s idea was to collect money from the citizens to make them feel part of his project. Now with new technologies available the new Colossus of Rhodes project is looking to do it the same way. This time there’s no limits for it as the project could be financed globally. Shortly the project leaders are looking to come out with crowdfunding page where everybody from all parts of the world could be part of this colossal statue.

Colossus of Rhodes - 5

In our original purpose, each citizen can contribute in a different measure, as he or she wish. Every one of the people who will provide support will see his or her name carved forever on the leaning columns of the building. Thus future generations will see who made this dream come true.said the project team. This sure is a great way to be remembered and be part of the history. This could finance a project from 50 to 75% and is really relevant from a cultural side.

Such a big project will also need a humongous investment. There’s around 240-260 millions euros required to finance the project. As well it’s predicted to be raised of the income of over 2 billions euros per year. This mega-structure can be finished just in 3-4 years. All this will create new job opportunities not only for local people, but also new work forces from different places of the world. It should create a “domino effect” by boosting off the local economy and increase the touristic season to a period of 12 month.

What now?

So, no more waiting for the economic crisis to pass by. It’s time to face it and get things done. “We are still waiting for the green light from local authorities in order to proceed. When we have all the permissions, then we will start the crowfunding process.” informed the team. Now let’s wait for the green light to go on shortly. Let us all get involved to the project and get all of our names carved in and be part of the history.

Colossus of Rhodes Project

Colossus of Rhodes hand

Colossus of Rhodes - Restaurant

Colossus of Rhodes Project Restaurant

Colossus of Rhodes museum - 2

Colossus of Rhodes Project Museum inside

Colossus of Rhodes - 4 

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