First all-female pilot crew lands plane in Saudi Arabia


(Picture: Royal Brunei Airlines)

Who would have thought that in 2016 that it would be considered a milestone that a flight from Brunei to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia was piloted by an all-female flight deck crew. 

In March 2016 it was reported by that Royal Brunei Airlines’ Boeing 787 touched down in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a country where women are not allowed to drive, with its first all-female deck crew.

A fantastic achievement that came just over three years after Captain Czarena became the first female captain to fly a plane in Southeast Asia. This sets a modern day outlook on women’s rights in asian countries and enables girls of younger generations to be able to dream and have the ability to makes those dreams achievable.

However, Royal Brunei Airlines may be committed to getting more women in the industry with astonishing accomplishments but it still highlights the fact that there are still restrictions for women in Saudi Arabia and over 40 countries in the world that have anti-women laws. For example, in Saudi Arabia, women are prohibited to drive, a law which is not official but imposed by conservative Muslim clerics. The protest of this incomprehensible law has spread to social media, creating the Women to Drive Campaign which now has over 35,000 likes on Facebook!

The degrading restrictions that the Saudi Government has imposed on women, only brings shame to a beautiful country and in this day and age it is completely unbelievable that shame is brought to those who stand up for their rights, not those who stop them from having rights.