Sad night in Barcelona for a tourist ends nice

How a sad night in Barcelona for a tourist actually ends up nice.

It was just last night when it all happened. My boyfriend, me and our friend Paul that we hadn’t seen for a while, we met up to catch up. By the way for those that don’t know, I live in Barcelona, Spain since summer 2004.

So, we met up in the center closer to his house. Then started off the adventure of trying to find a place to have a drink. Majority of places are just shops, fast food restaurants or restaurants. Not the best option to have a drink, and specially as our friend just came from food shopping and had his shopping trolley with him. Finally we found a place to sit down and have a quick drink. As we were close to Paul’s home, he decided to drop his shopping off. He went off and left us at the bar basically next to his home.

After a while he finally comes back and we saw something interesting in his hand. Nowadays fashion is something really difficult to understand sometimes and really personal. He was wearing a golden handbag. Both of us, my boyfriend and I, we looked at each-other with a huge question mark on our faces. “Oh, this bag? I just found it in a bin” said Paul. He explained that when he left home he had a trash bag with him which he took to the nearest bin. In the bin he saw the handbag. As the bag was opened he saw there were stuff inside. A clear sign that it was someone’s handbag that was stolen, they took what was valuable for them and threw away the handbag.

Sad night in Barcelona for a tourist ends nice

Paul opened the bag and found a wallet in it. Quickly we started looking for an ID card or anything with what we could identify the owner of this shiny golden bag. We found several bank cards and other cards. A driving licence was what we found. Beside that there was also a Korean Air customer card. From that details plus a driving licence, our friend started looking up this girl from Facebook. He found somebody that would kind of match to be the girl we look for. Of course we looked her up first of all by her name and then followed the tip of her nationality which was shown on her driving licence which was South-Korea.

Immediately Paul sent her a message asking if she was in Barcelona and if by any chance it was her that got her bag stolen. There wasn’t any reply in 5 minutes and we thought of, just in case, checking in more details in Facebook if there would possibly be anyone other that could match the description. All the sudden we found another profile and she had some pictures of paella and some other stuff that kind of could be related to Barcelona. It made more sense to give it a try to send a message to that girl too.

Just a few minutes later our friend Paul received a call through Facebook Messenger. It was her, the girl who had her bag stolen. They arranged to meet up in the bar so that we could give her back her bag with her wallet, credit cards and everything that was still in the bag. While waiting for the girl to arrive my emotions boosted up as this kind of things don’t happen often. I was really impressed how our “catching up” with our friend had developed. A plan just to have a quick drink and chat turned into something really great. The main point now was that we did the correct way and helped someone.

She arrived with a friend of her’s. She was really happy and grateful for all the hassle we went through. It was no hassle at all. She already had a negative experience and we just wanted to make it to be a softer damage for her visit to Barcelona. Not all people are bad. She explained us that her bag was stolen just like 30 minutes ago in a shop when she was trying on some clothes. She had entered the changing cabin of the shop to try some clothes on before buying them. Of course she had put her handbag on the floor to get changed and while she was trying something on, the bag was disappeared. Directly she went back to her hotel and cancelled all her cards. Then she had just received Paul’s message.

The worst part was that her passport was also in one of the pockets of the handbag. The unlucky, but now lucky, girl was so relieved after finding it because she was already worrying that she had to travel to Madrid to the embassy of South-Korea to get her new documents. For her it’s vital to have her passport to be able to travel. She insisted to invite us all for a drink to thank us for what we did.

Sad night in Barcelona for a tourist ends nice - 2

Just a beer later both of the girls left with a nice happy relieved smile on their faces. Before leaving we made a quick selfie as a memory for all of us of that night. It sure was an emotional catch-up. A simple beer turned into a helping mission. All of us felt really good after that. Karma will always pay back to everyone. You decide what kind of energy and karma you want to surround yourself with. So, a sad night in Barcelona for a tourist ends nice. 

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