The Tale Of The Little Mermaid

When I decided to write my story I couldn’t think of a title except for the Little Mermaid, Though I am not little anymore, but still that’s how I felt about myself. So let’s start from the very beginning.
Far out in the deep ocean where no human or outer creature could fathom the great beauty of this underworld lays an enormous kingdom that is led by a mighty king who lost his wife for a mysterious reason and was left with six princesses. In this kingdom a mermaid can only rise to the surface of the ocean and see humans when she arrives at fifteen years of age. My dream was to rise up, it was my obsession too, whenever I found someone who rose to the surface I listened intently to the stories that came after. I even used to imagine things up there and sang the human songs that I had memorized, but it all seemed to scatter with tears when I lost my mother on my tenth birthday and so I grieved like no one and I refused to sing again.
One day I was roving about the ocean to find solace somewhere and to my fortune I found a dark cave. I needed more than an ambushed trepidation to suppress my summed up emotions of lament, curiosity and frustration. I swam through the tunnel inside the cave and found an extravagant room full of stuff that I had never seen before, things that I had never even dreamed about, but things that I had heard of. There was human furniture, jewelry, books, dishes, shipwrecks, clothes- and to my ultimate surprise a huge statue of a boy. Although he was wearing trousers and a shirt I could see every muscle from head to toe and he was pointing a sword to the sky. I found an amulet that belonged to my mother hanging from a bag. I opened the bag and found a paper saying:
“Dear Maya,
Waiting for you in the middle of the earth, don’t be late
From Fiona with love”
I startled for a second before I realized that this place belonged to my mother! I could smell her in here. This was her sanctuary and she wasn’t dead, no, she was still alive and I had to find her. I spent some time with myself envisioning the place that was considered my fantasy because it contained everything I called a dream. Once again I was happy and eager to find my mother and see the human world. I hurried to the sea witch Ursula, I had no idea how I knew about her or how I found her but I just did.
“Welcome to my humble cave little mermaid or should I call you princess or maybe I call you by your name Ariel,” she chuckled in a creepy way that ignited a tinkle of fear inside of me.
“Call me whatever you want. I need your help, I need you to give me legs instead of fins so I can rise up to the surface,” I said.
“Well, well little mermaid hasn’t aged fifteen yet and wants to rise to the surface with legs to walk on land? Well that’s interesting,” she rubbed her palms together.
“I have my reasons. Will you help me or not?”
“Hmmm, but I have to have something in return.”
“Fine,” I said without even thinking twice.
“You didn’t even ask me what I want from you,” she said.
“Whatever you want I will give it to you”
“Fine then, I will give you a pair of legs to walk on land and you will give me your marvelous voice and dancing red hair,” she said with a smile on her face.
“But this means I will be bald and mute,” I said furrowing my brows.
“Then go back to your daddy. I have no legs for you.”
“No, okay I will do it,” I said with an itched heart but with a leaping soul. Finally I would pursue my dream and moreover I would see my mother. I couldn’t have been happier than then. The sea witch gave me a potion to drink, and once I did all my long red hair ran from my scalp to her head, and my voice escaped my throat and gushed into hers.
I thought I looked ugly but I didn’t care. I rose to the surface and for the first time I saw the sun and the birds, the sky and the waves. I found an island and once I stepped on it my fins disappeared and a pair of legs grew. I was happy, finally. I walked and met with humans, at first I was cautious but they were kind and understanding, they helped me find my mother who was just like me- bald and mute. I spent all the time with her and the people she knew. I met a boy my age called Adam who did not hold it in his mind about how I looked. Everything seemed perfect and I couldn’t ask for more, but each time I was alone I found two or three crows that pecked on my head and the more I screamed the more they made me bleed. Therefore I hated being by myself so I kept glued to my mother and Adam. On one of the evenings I was supposed to meet Adam on the shore, while I was walking under the never ending flickering stars I stumbled over a rock and hurt my head, I lazily clambered on my feet and saw my father the king, my five sisters and the mermaid we have in the underworld who treats our illnesses. I was shocked. They gazed at me in pity and I hated that look, I asked them what was going on and all they managed to say was, “Thank God you are back; we thought we had lost you, dear.” I couldn’t understand what they were talking about until one of my sisters said, “You have been lost in a world of oblivion, and you kept yourself locked inside your room and talked to no one and saw no one until the doctor started giving you medicine.” This was a horrendous dream and I knew it, because my reality was up there with my mother and Adam. I told them about all what had happened and they called me crazy. I hit my head on the wall so I could lose consciousness and get back to my reality again but they held me firmly. I kept crying and begging for them to leave me but they refused, but once I went to sleep I returned to my life again. I ran to my mother but couldn’t tell her what had occurred because both of us were mute, so I threw myself into her arms and wept. As before I decided not to walk alone so that the crows wouldn’t peck on my head, and so I kept myself safe but unfortunately the crows came inside the tent, that me and my mother lived in and they started making me bleed again. Adam hearing my screams came running and he beat them all to death. Though I couldn’t stop thinking about what they told me, about me being insane, I fed myself with my own reality.
I was dancing with my mother, humans and Adam one evening when the crows came back this time pecking on all of us. They killed my mother, Adam and all the humans. I saw all of them dead before I died too from bleeding.
I opened my eyes to find my father, sisters and the doctor again. I couldn’t understand how it was possible that I came back from the dead. “You are back, don’t worry we will never let you go insane again,” said my sister while smiling, after hugging me. After that day I tried to hit my head on the wall and the floor but nothing happened. I went to sleep to get back to my mother and Adam to help them get back to life again but I never saw them.
“Why didn’t you leave me to go insane? How could you be that selfish? Why do you want me sane? Why?” I yelled at my father and sisters and sobbed; I sprawled on the floor and indulged my misery.
Now that I am sane again I realize that there was no cave, there was no sea witch. I never met Adam and I never found my mother. I never met a human or even saw the sun. But I felt happy there. My family couldn’t grasp the idea of a world created only for happiness. They are afraid of what they don’t know; they treat the unknown as a disease that needs to be eliminated. And now that they feel safe and happy for my return, I am sad and depressed. I no longer feel alive, but I have to keep going and deal with the truth of losing my mother. They say life is easier when I take control over my mind but I believe that life is easier when I let my mind take over me. 

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