Write Me Now- The Truth About Our Breakup

Write Me Now is a game to help improve your creativity by practicing writing, which is the key of becoming a good writer. Test your imagination by writing a story that you didn’t choose. You will be given a beginning and an ending, and you get to fill the story with whatever plot you come up with to link them together. Share what you wrote here in the comments space below with other writers and see how they imagined the story to be. So open up your mind and let the stream of ideas gush into reality and let’s write me now.

The Beginning:

The sun hit earth with violent heat. It was 40 degrees outside, and yet his bedroom was cold and chilling. It was once bursting with his passion for me, his smile that warmed me, and his aura that used to rainbow me by embracing my flaws. I took a deep breath and exhaled sharply; feeling nothing but the void that filled the air. My phone rang, pulling me from my reverie. I fished the phone out of my backpack and answered before checking who was calling.
“Hello” I said. “You better be saving the world” Sara sounded angry. I asked her to meet me at Risotto restaurant at 2:00. I checked my watch it was 2:30 already, it felt like five minutes only have passed. I shouldn’t have let myself in his house before my meeting Sara. “Oh, shit. Sorry,” I took a deep breath “Sara. Listen, I will be late for another 30 minutes. Can you wait for me? I have to take care of some business; it popped up at a short notice. I’m sorry” I wrinkled my nose, praying silently for her to wait for me, I really needed to tell her the truth about my breakup.
“Okay, fine. But I will order something. I’m starving” She sighed and sounded exasperated and I giggled. “Of course, but, no dessert without me” I warned she giggled too, and then paused. “Ava,” she said in a terrified low voice “Please tell me you are not at Nick’s place?” I wanted to lie but, my sister knows me too well; as usual I got busted. She wouldn’t have asked me with that tone, if she hasn’t figured out where I was already. With her, honesty is the best policy. “I just wanted to leave him a written note. You know, I like to go classic” my lips were pressed into a hard line “OH. MY. GOD,” she yelled at me “Ava, the man just cheated on you! Don’t you have some dignity” her voice was stern. I rolled my eyes, and decided to kill the call because it was only a matter of minutes; to get bullied by her in the restaurant anyway, so we don’t have to do that over the phone. “Sara. Bye.”

……Write Me Now…..

The Ending:

Nick kidnapped me. 

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  • Marwa Osama

    After I hung up with Sara I sat on the couch that we used to sit on for hours , and all of a sudden I remembered every single feeling I felt with him since the first day we met how we met when I was having my coffee and he was sitting in the table right next to me , looking at me from behind his cup of coffee and I felt his eyes looking at me , looking at my lips hugging my cup of coffee , my fingers typing on my laptop , I felt the heat between us I wanted him as he wanted me , then we came to the same place every single day and we used to talk and talk and I knew he had problems financial , domestic and at work I felt that God sent me to him to stand by him , I loved him with all my heart I supported him in every way and years passed by and he started to move on and had a good position at work and things were getting fine until I felt that his feelings changed bit by bit I stopped feeling the warmth the passion always running from me , until one day I saw him with another girl I saw the passion I his eyes to wards her , I felt my heart aches but I chose not believe that he has feeling for another , until I passed by his house and I saw him with her hugging her kissing her feeling her as he used to do to me my world just collapsed, I woke up from my memories on a call from Sara again so I left him a note that we r done here and I told him that he must not try to contact me by any means and this has to end , I went to Sara she was waiting for me to have our dessert I knew that look in her eyes but still I acted as if nothing happend, suddenly I found nick infront of me I felt my heart pulled out of my chest I couldn’t even take my breath , he came to me begging me to forgive him told me that he was wrong and he would make it up for me and he won’t cheat on me again he even told me that we should take our relationship to the next step , oh my God I still love him, I still want him soo much I know am crazy I know he might do this again but I love him , he stole my heart from the first site and he stole my heart again I guess I won’t be my self ever again I know I won’t be my self again I now knew that I am kidnapped and I don’t know when I’ll be back . Sara kept staring at me and she kept on telling me how I don’t have dignity and that I must end this relationship all I was thinking of is that I love him , I want him and I told her ‘ Sara unfortunately nick kidnapped me ‘ .