Hero construction worker saves drowning woman

Hail to the REAL HERO

A real hero just came out of nothing.

Patricia Ralph-Neely, 67, was scouting for a perfect place to watch a firework display in Des Moines, Iowa, with her husband Alan, 62. All the sudden their boat was washed over as they got too close to the dam. The waters she was in were swirling and dangerous as they were just at the base of a dam. She just couldn’t make it out from them on her own and rescue boats just couldn’t get close enough to her. It was a really heartbreaking moment seeing that even the rescue team could not save her. Unfortunately Alan’s life jacket slipped off and he was swept away by the current. Sadly he didn’t survive.

All the sudden, a normal, ordinary guy, Jason Oglesbee, working on construction, with Cramer & Associates, nearby saw her. He didn’t doubt a bit and with his crew made a rescue operation that involved a crane. As if it would be a Hollywood movie, the worker hung on the chains that were attached to the crane. Joe Lowe, the crane operator, lowered him to the water by the crane so that he could grab the woman’s hand and pull her out of these dangerous waters.

Once Jason and Joe finished the rescue operation, inmediately they got back to working as if nothing had happened.

Hail to the real heroes. 

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