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Here is an interview with two fascinating guys Jake and Josh who created their own organic, non-GMO, gluten-free sports nutrition brand called Too Fit.

I seriously thank them finally to come out with such products as their’s and that there’s finally great products in the market that don’t harm your health.

Read the interview, which is really great and interesting, to learn more about their past, reason why and what they’ve been up to.
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1) With tons of companies already out that providing high quality supplements, what encouraged you to create Too Fit? What was the main purpose that you decided to go for natural only products? As there are horror stories going around and also heard about people confirming it to me, that many other supplements they just inflate your muscles with water and once you stop consuming you will lose all your gains with no-time. Was this possibly part of the inspiration of creating Too Fit?

We have both been avid supplement users since our teenage years and we were always looking to gain an edge in our performance. However, we both went down a couple different paths. Jake used to be a supplement junkie of sorts, willing to try anything under the sun. When one of the products that he was taking ended up leaving 3 athletes dead, Jake actually put down supplements all together and the research began.

Josh on the other hand, carefully and meticulously studied and experimented with individual supplements for years. Countless times his kitchen has been covered in bulk-ordered ingredients. All in attempt to create the preeminent, most complete products not currently available on the market. Jake soon joined in the fun.

After a workout and over a beer on Josh’s back porch, we vented about our common craving for products that specifically fit our needs and ones that we could wholeheartedly trust. We were also constantly asked what products we would recommend or what we were currently taking by friends and family; we knew they longed for the same thing.

Most of the supplement marketplace has been saturated with marketing machines, not health companies putting the consumer first. Too many products are filled with artificial ingredients, colorings, sweeteners, and unlabeled ingredients. Combine that with companies seeking profit over the consumer’s performance and you get a horrible combination. Unfortunately, this has been the industry norm for a long time.

Foods are intended to heal and provide nutrients. In many cases, the body does not even know how to process many of the chemical and synthetic ingredients in most products. For us, creating products with a nutrient dense, whole-foods approach was the only way. Our products have some of the most sought after ingredients like astaxanthin, gynostemma, and cordyceps. They contain many ingredients you will not see in any other product simply because we were willing to pay the price to create products that are actually healthy and effective. We do not have any proprietary blends and we are 3rd party tested through the Paleo Foundation.

Long story made short, coupled with our knowledge and backgrounds, we felt it was our duty to create products that are complete, of the highest-quality, lacking nothing in the way of ingredients or dosages, and making them available for every active individual.

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2) The industrial supplements seem to be working fine as so many people globally consume them. Why, beside your products being natural, should a consumer choose Too Fit instead of any other recognized brand?

Simply put, if a person actually cares about what is going into their body and is seeking a company they can trust; a company completely transparent with the customer, then we are the answer.

Yes, financially the supplement industry is continuing to grow at an impressive rate. That is why there’s so many kids who come up with a catchy name and metallic sheen label and want to make their “own” product to get a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry. The fact is, the majority of these products are knock offs, or me too products, mimicking another company, made at a dirt-cheap price, but proclaiming superhuman gains.

It’s honestly a travesty that wholesome, well-meaning people spend their hard earned money on products parading themselves as health products. The truth is they are probably doing more harm than good.

This is why Too Fit exists. We want to bring trust, transparency, quality, and undeniable effectiveness to an industry in dire need of it. Anyone that becomes a Too Fit customer knows with absolute certainty who created the products (us, not just a company name) and that we put their best interest and health first.

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3) What’s the main health difference between other brands and Too Fit? I mean what is that the other brands do to a consumer’s health (harm?) and how does Too Fit react with the organism?

No one has done what Too Fit is doing in the supplement world. See, there’s a few traditional practices on supplementation: the trimmed down, tried and true ingredient user, the extremely vegan/whole-food, looks like eating grass approach, the “I don’t care what’s in it as long as my face goes numb” guy, and then the only food, no supplement user.

You can’t do much about the guy who’s face is numb with slobber down his face, he’s a lost cause. However, the other three we can work with!

We’ve taken the time-tested ingredients such as the creatines, proteins, BCAA’s, beta-alanines and combined those with a whole-food, herb based approach. We’ve married these two worlds that we’re meant for each other. All of these ingredients are proven to be extremely effective with virtually no side effects. At the correct doses of course.

So the trimmed down user now receives the benefits of the herb, whole-food world that they were missing and vice-versa. And since we are a food based, nutritional product line, we’re providing the only food guy with his nutrition, macros, micros, etc. in a much more digestible, faster absorbing, more efficient manner that does not disturb his whole-food prerogative.

We’re not out to brand bash other companies. There are some healthy, safe, and effective choices for supplement users out there. However, due to our transparent approach and all we’ve talked about thus far, we eventually want to be the supplement users only company of choice because they trust us, they believe in our mission, and they feel they are a part of our tribe. The products speak for themselves.

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4) On what do you base your R&D? Any old traditional ancient recipes that were used by wise natives, or is all based on new inspiration?

Some of our ingredients like the herbs and roots have been used for centuries for their healing properties, longevity benefits, and natural and potent antioxidant effects. We also use certain sports nutrition ingredients that have been used only in the last 20-50 years, but are shown to be safe and effective. The research has been done.

With that being said, Moxie and Rally were made just like all of our product ideas. We have new ones almost daily! An idea will pop up, we talk about it, and if we continue to be excited about the idea as we continue to iron out the details, we know we’re on to something.

We pride ourselves on constant research of new and old ingredients and breakthroughs. We review medical research and supplement studies constantly. We also understand how ingredients react with each other and how they can benefit or hurt other ingredients. Once we know we are onto something, we will order ingredients in bulk and in the raw. We dive headfirst into more academic research on the specific ingredients themselves, and then a lot of it comes down to trial and error. Sometimes the clinical dose of an ingredient is just right, and other times it can throw off the mixability, consistency, or taste and you have to go back to the drawing board.

We always test our products on ourselves first. If we like it, we have people we ask to give them a try and if they like it, we know we might have found something.

So in short, our R&D comes down to an idea that turns into a lot of research, trial and error, and a healthy dose of self-experimentation!

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5) What are your goals for Too Fit for 2016? Do you only work with the US or are you expanding globally?

World domination! Ideally, haha. But no, realistically we have a lot of big opportunities in play. We are continually looking at what areas we can improve and where we can become more efficient and also provide the best quality and most value for our end consumer.

With that being said, we’re focusing a lot of our effort on our website and growing the e-commerce side of our business. This allows us to reach the most people on a global scale, although we only distribute in the United States at the moment.

We also find ourselves in a different major metropolitan market every week. We meet with gym and clinic owners, sampling and educating their members on our products. This is the fun part of the job; building relationships and seeing the look on people’s faces when they try your product and tell you how much of a difference it’s been making in their lives.

This inevitably leads to some more retail and wholesale accounts. Most importantly, it allows us reach an even broader audience, where our sphere of influence and strategic alliances can expand.

Ultimately, every decision we make must align with our long-term goals. The two primary goals for 2016 are making our e-commerce/website second to none and positioning ourselves with a retailer who strives to offer the best products such as Whole Foods, H-E-B, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.

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6) Is Too Fit a great selection for people looking for gluten free products, vegans, vegetarians? What’s your main target audience? Of course the main audience includes everyone who wants to be healthier and use natural products, but in more details please.

We can proudly say yes. All of our products are made with organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients. They are also vegan friendly. Too Fit is also one of the only supplement companies to be Certified Paleo by the Paleo Foundation.

We are here for any active individual looking to better their performance. We appeal to athletes and weekend warriors of all types: Crossfiters, obstacle course racers, triathletes, tactical athletes, yogis, runners, body builders, you name it! If you’re placing your body under some sort of stress, Too Fit helps your body endure and recover from that stress in a productive and effective manner.


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