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Fitness app rewards workout progress

Yeah, that’s the way to go. We all just love working out and showing it off on social networks how much you work out and take care of yourself. Now your healthy lifestyle will be rewarded.

WeFitter is an app that will reward you not only with your sport activities but any activity you do during your day. For instance if you walk to work, or go on a bike, if you have your favourite fitness app connected to WeFitter, it will be registered in WeFitter. All physical activity has its compensation. Not only that you’ll feel better after your exercise, but you might even be a lucky winner of cool prizes, discounts for anything related to healthy lifestyle.

WeFitter Fitness y Ejercicio Recompensado

For many people it’s difficult to remain motivated when you work out. There’s no-one to give you any recognition on your effort, time you put in your healthy lifestyle nor to adore your progress. WeFitter is not just another app to monitor your health and weight maintenance. It DOES have these functions as well when you connect your favourite fitness app to it, but its main function is to gather all the data of your workouts, exercise you do and reward you for it. There’s tons of apps out there to monitor your healthy lifestyle activities, but not so many of them that would actually keep you motivated and going by giving your discounts, rewards or other benefits on stuff you actually care about to make them even more affordable to you.

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Who are these people?

A bunch healthy lunatics who care about healthy lifestyle and like to make sure that we’d all be rewarded for being fit, and continue motivating us with cool challenges to keep up the good work. The team is made of social workers & entrepreneurs, and they claim to be absolutely normal individuals. Though that is true as they are completely aware of and understand the needs of a user.

Team up with your colleagues

Yes, you can actually team up with your colleagues by joining your company group. WeFitter also helps companies to get rid of their problems. Now turn you company into an engaging and active community. Encourage and reward active lifestyles with this wellbeing app. Employees with active lifestyle are always more productive as they just won’t fall asleep at their desk. Also you can accept challenges with your team and see how well you’re competing against other companies. Contribute to social causes with your effort and feel better. Increase your company’s productivity by promoting wellness and active lifestyle.

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There is no more excuse for us to not to exercise. Keep the motivation up by accepting challenges and trying to be in the top list of the leaderboard.

I’ve been using the app already for quite some time and have received an interesting present from one of the nutrition specialists on “Sports & Cooking“. It sure was a great surprise to receive it as it was one of the challenges I accepted and won the prize. Also there are several cool gadgets you can get discounts for, spa sessions and all kind of great stuff.

So, download the app from the links below:



The moto of WeFitter is “Be Active. Be Rewarded.” and it sure describes it all well.

URL: WeFitter 

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