Write Me Now -The Peace Treaty-

Write Me Now is a game to help improve your creativity by practicing writing, which is the key of becoming a good writer. Test your imagination by writing a story that you didn’t choose. You will be given a beginning and an ending, and you get to fill the story with whatever plot you come up with to link them together. Share what you wrote here in the comments space below with other writers and see how they imagined the story to be. So open up your mind and let the stream of ideas gush into reality and let’s write me now.

The Beginning:

I couldn’t control the hunger. Her veins were popping with each and every heartbeat. And her smell… was… just… delicious. I buried her somewhere in the woods, before returning to Alexios. We had been in war with the witches for ages until Alexios the master of all vampires made a peace treaty with them. We were all bound to it. The witches had cloaked the tower of London with a spell so that no one could see us living in there and provided us with daylight rings. In return for one thing; not to feed on humans and this is the only thing that I couldn’t do. I worked in the vampire investigation team, my mission was to make sure no one breaches this treaty or harms a vampire and goes unnoticed.

‘Where have you been, bartimaeus?’ Alexios asked me while rubbing his chin. I looked straight into his eyes and answered confidently ‘I was waiting for Gideon in the woods to remark our territory as you requested, but he never showed up so I came back’. If Alexios knew that I feed on humans he’ll banish me, making my eternity a living hell and he is capable of doing so. He is more than 10000 years old which makes him an unmatched opponent. ‘Gideon was found dead by the tower a few hours ago’ He said dead pan face.  ‘How?’ I asked in the same seriousness and impassiveness he asked. My job taught me how to be emotionless and expressionless from the outside; my inside is a different story. Gideon was my best mate and I dread the idea of spending the rest of eternity without him. ‘That’s what you need to find out’ he said. I nodded and left.

….write me now…

The Ending:

London streets became a blood bath.

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