Cruel post from a public servant on Orlando shooting tragedy

José de Jesús Manzo Corona being fired

José de Jesús Manzo Corona, the public servant of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, was parted from his position after his heartless post in Facebook.

We all know about the awful and cruel shooting that happened on the 12th of June in a gay club Pulse in Orlando. There were 50 innocent people killed with cruelty. José de Jesús Manzo Corona, who held the position of Secretary of Development and Social Integration (Sedis) posted on his Facebook profile something heartless, cruel and homophobic “Too bad that it was only 50 and not 100“. Saying that he feels bad that it was “just” 50 people killed and instead of that it should have been 100. How the hell this kind of a person could even get a position he was holding?

José de Jesús Manzo Corona

After the image of his comment circulated around the social networks, and his post being very heavily criticised, the governor Aristóteles Sandoval requested for the resignation of the civil servant. From the tweet below you can see Sandoval saying “I have given precise instructions for him to leave his position in @SEDISOCIAL because of his homophobic comments in social networks“.

Miguel Castro Reynoso, the head of Secretary of Development and Social Integration, condemned the homophobic comments of Manzo Corona.

Deplorable. It grieves me and it incenses me; the first ones who have to be tolerant are us, the ones serving people“.

And added: “On the name of the Secretary and the ones who give 100% on a daily basis, to influence the improvement of the lives of our people, with humility and sincerity I offer an apology to those who felt alluded“.

“Such a mean comment, doesn’t unite and never will do, with the Government of Jalisco which is lead by Aristóteles Sandoval, and of course, much less has no place in Sedis. This person will stop being parte of the Secretary from this right moment“, he published in his Facebook.

Later Manzo Corona had added to his post “Sorry but I just don’t agree with the gay ideology. If I offended someone with different preference I do apologise“.

Don’t you think this person should be investigated more for publicly threatening the gay community? The comments he made could make him a possible public threat. It’s already a very delicate topic in many countries and publishing something like this sure makes you sad that people like this hold positions which are supposably for helping people to integrate to the society. 

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