Kukur Tihar festival – most beautiful festival for dogs

kukur tihar festival for dogs

Tihar is a five-day-long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal. It’s the second biggest festival of Nepalese and held in late autumn. The second day of this festival is called Kukur Tihar or Khichā Pujā (worship of the dogs).

Dogs are believed to be messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death, and are worshiped once a year over this festival. People offer garlands, make a “tika” on their forehead and delicious food to dogs and acknowledge the cherished relationship between humans and them. All this to show the respect and dignity. Kukur Tihar is Diwali for dogs, and is known as festival of light. Diwali is a period of gift-giving, storytelling, and recognition of the relationships humans have with all things. For me Kukur Tihar festival is most beautiful festival for dogs.

The dates of Tihar in 2016 are October 27-31.

Over the days of the festival, app participants are worshipped. There’s no discrimination at all, doesn’t matter if they come from the streets or are pets at homes. The most pleasant part for the dogs arrive with the food offerings. They include normally milk plates, eggs, meat or pet food of high quality. There are also fun competitions and acts that include police dogs to show them gratitude for their service and loyalty.

Some other curiosities of Kukur Tihar

Kukur Tihar is not the only event dedicated to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs. Last year October in New York took place the first Dog Film Festival. A meet-up where they play historic or new short films related to dogs.

Beside movies, the event – which you can attend with your pets – offers speeches and advices from the vest, dog trainers and even from dog hairdressers. Part of the gathered money from the entrances was donated to the Bidawee organisation which is dedicated to the wellbeing and adoptions of the animals.

How will you celebrate Diwali with your dog?

This is a very general overview of Kukur Tihar. While its origins are traced to Nepalese Hinduism, variants of the day of the dog are celebrated by denominations of Hinduism and Buddhism across the world. Kukur Tihar honors dogs in all of their aspects: as guardians, companions, and friends.

Did you know this celebration already? Would you like to participate in it? On my opinion Kukur Tihar is the most beautiful festival for dogs.

Indra refuses to allow Yudhishthira's dog into heaven. Yudhishthira refuses to enter heaven without his dog.
Indra refuses to allow Yudhishthira’s dog into heaven. Yudhishthira refuses to enter heaven without his dog.


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