Brexit referendum: heavy divorce and breaking hearts


The Brexit referendum has caused a huge chaos in many ways.

Majority of people who voted to Leave were not really a young generation. It was mainly people who are either already in their third age, or about to reach that. Reason for that was that they’re more into Royal family and insisting the independence. Though, the younger generation, like me, understand that leaving the European Union they will have difficulties in having possibilities of working abroad. The younger generation understands that for them to have opportunities to work in other EU countries they would need to remain IN.

They say that it’s because of all the immigrants going to the UK. There are so many of them, yes, but majority of them get their papers done, can work in the UK, collaborate by paying their taxes, create new companies which create new jobs.

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Anyways United Kingdom wasn’t even part of the Schengen. This meant that anyways they had different requirements for many reasons, and having their own currency… What else do you want? UK has been different anyways all the time. Leaving the EU sure was something not too healthy to do.


Now there has been over  3,000,000 signatures collected (and growing) to demand a second EU referendum. Signatories are insisting to have a new rule to be implemented a specific requirement for polls on the European Union with a majority under 60 per cent and turnout under 75 per cent must be re-started.

This petition was started by William Oliver Healey who also commented: “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60 per cent based a turnout less than 75 per cent there should be another referendum.

Other EU members studying in the UK. What now?

Several university leaders have warned their students about potentially “damaging” effects for higher education now after Brexit. Several arguments are in progress on UK losing out on research funding granted by the EU. This also means that on research projects will be struggling to cooperate.

Brexit now could lead to a decline in a number of EU students going to study there. They would need to be recruited as international students, which could mean their fees would go up substantially.

Back in 2012-2013, 5.5 per cent of students who were studying in the UK were from other EU countries. This was generating £3.7 billion for the UK economy and generated 34,000 jobs in local communities, according to Universities UK.

What about Erasmus?

Several academics have warned that Brexit will restrict movement of UK students. Erasmus exchange programme has offered benefits for over 200,000 British students so far. This provides funds for undergraduates to travel to EU countries to study as part of their degree. As by Nigel Carrington, vice-chancellor of the University of the Arts, London, after leaving the EU it will sure make this travel a lot harder.

We’ve had a 50 per cent increase in the number of our students going abroad to study under the Erasmus programme over the last three years,” he said.

Obviously, they can do this because of the funding that is available through the EU’s Erasmus programme. Without Erasmus we would have major problems in terms of enabling our students to study overseas.

British in Spain

Alicante – biggest British community in Spain

As by sources, British living in Spain would need a touristic visa which allows them to be in the country only 90 days in row every 6 months. People who have moved to Spain to retire, now will be having heavy complications. Many businesses might have to close due to that. Nothing is sure on that topic yet but this is how it’s supposed to happen. Also the Brits retired in Alicante are worried about their pensions being re-evaluated. Local business owners are worried about their English customers packing up their stuff and having to leave.

At the same time, I really hope that Brexit will now put difficulties for the drunk-travelling that we have here in Spain from the United Kingdom. There are way too many of them travelling to Spain just to get pissed and party. I know that these tourists DO create jobs in all the bars, hotels and clubs, but we prefer QUALITY tourists and not the ones that come here, get wasted as hell, are very noisy, when drunk can be very violent, and destroy what they feel like destroying. Unfortunately England has this reputation here in Spain. In that sense I really hope there will be difficulties for them to travel to any EU countries.

In Gibraltar, Spanish living in there will most probably have to use passports, will have big limitations on medical care, etc.

Spain will seek to jointly govern Gibraltar with Britain following the British vote to leave the European Union,” said the acting foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said on Friday.

We’re very worried now about what may happen with the border,” said Clive, a 54-year-old tax consultant who declined to give his surname, sitting outside a bar in a central square.

Many companies set up here because it’s part of the European Union. We think this result will have a negative effect on the economy.

Aaron Payas, a 31-year-old lawyer, said: “There is a lot of concern within the financial services sector given the outcome. The result is a massive shock.

What’s Catalonia gonna do now?

This will be another excuse for Catalonia to insist to become independent. As I live in Barcelona since over 12 years already, I have never seen such a strong fight for Catalan independence. Are we not supposed to be all European citizens? This should mean that we should forget about the borders each country has, be united and strong? Why are they looking to split up something that has been working for such a long time? How many other countries will now decide to fight for their independence or leave from the EU? If Catalonia will decide to go through another elections and independence will win, they would be automatically kicked out of the EU. To become a member again ALL EU members should vote either they accept a new country to join it or not.

Basically the whole thing about Brexit, in my opinion, is just another thing to complain about. There are way too many more important topics in the world to solve before taking anything like Brexit serious. The governments should sort out the wars, hunger, pollution, stop exhausting fossil fuels, extreme poverty, and many other important issues. But now, let’s see in the next weeks what will really happen. 

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