Write Me Now-1945

Write Me Now is a game to help improve your creativity by practicing writing, which is the key of becoming a good writer. Test your imagination by writing a story that you didn’t choose. You will be given a beginning and an ending, and you get to fill the story with whatever plot you come up with to link them together. Share what you wrote here in the comments space below with other writers and see how they imagined the story to be. So open up your mind and let the stream of ideas gush into reality and let’s write me now.


The Beginning:

I couldn’t see a shed of light from the blindfold that was over my eyes, and the thing that I was tied to smelled and felt like a rusty iron pillar. I turned my head to the screeching mice and dripping water on my left. I then turned my head to the other side where sounds of footsteps and screeching of a metal pole scrapping the floor were coming from. And when the metal clanged, I heard air whooshing and more than one owl hooting which proved it was a dark and deserted place. ‘Does it feel the way you thought it would?’ My kidnapper asked me in a low voice, too low as if whispering. He has a Japanese accent, which rang a bell in my head. ‘You think no one would notice my absence?’ I growled. Anyone in my position would have been scared to death especially after hearing the weapon he was holding, but I wasn’t. I have been there; I have done that back when I was serving in the US army. This wasn’t novelty to me. ‘That’s not the answer to my question’ his whisper became audible and the metal scrapping came to life. ‘Do you know what I am capable of doing to you? Did you think that through before kidnapping me?’ I grated. He laughed mockingly and said ‘Mr. Secretary of defense of the whole fucking United States of America you still haven’t answered my question’


….Write Me Now….


The Ending:

10 days later, I met Takao in the same place he had held me captive. As much as I hated seeing his face again I had no choice but to do as he said, because if the records he had on me went public it would be the end of my life. ‘those are all the names with details of the people who are responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s atomic bomb’ I handed him the folder, he took it and went through the pages before nodding his approval, ‘and Takao’ he looked at me expectantly ‘it felt much better than I thought it would’ I said with an unmistakable wicked smirk on my face. 

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