Marihuana is compatible with gym

Marijuana and gym

Marihuana is actually compatible with your workout.

It sounds contradictory but marihuana is actually compatible with your gym sessions and workout. When you read the reasons below you will understand why it’s true:

  1. Increases metabolism – this is how it helps you burn more fat and decrease cholesterol. We all seek to burn fat and smoking weed is something that will help you get rid of it even faster.
  2. Reduces anxiety – makes you feel more calm and actually helps you to go to gym. Many people when they’re tense they’re not even bothered thinking about doing their workout. But marihuana will calm you down and helps you get back on track to go and hit your workout hard.
  3. Improves your abilities – this is just opposite to what alcohol does. As weed concentrates on relaxing you pay more attention on what you’re doing.
  4. Helps your muscles to recover – finally, get rid of feeling sore after a heavy gym session. Old wisdom says that water with sugar also helps you to get rid of soreness but now the modern way is by consuming some marihuana.
  5. Cannabis provokes exactly the same as a workout – The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible to relieve the pain, control your appetite and also relieve the stress.
  6. Helps you concentrate in your routine – allows you to eliminate monotony and keep a competitive run.

These are just a few of the benefits of how marijuana is compatible with gym and workouts. Keep in mind, marihuana is NOT a chemical, it’s a plant. It’s all natural and not like gym supplements. Even they damage you more then smoking weed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking weed

Arnold did it

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 7 time Mr. Olympia and one of the most popular men on the planet smoked weed during his prime (probably not very often though). 

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