The Circuit Festival 2016 take off

The Circuit Festival, biggest GLBT festival in the world took off last night.

It’s their ninth edition. This humongous event has turned Barcelona into the gay capital of the world, once again. It will last for the next 14 days. Last year’s edition attracted almost 72.000 people from all over the world. Of course majority are men, gay and around 25 to 40 years old, as an average, with a medium-high purchasing power, higher education level and a liberal profession, as by a communication from the organization. The dates for this year are: 2-14 of August.

We expect, at least as minimum, to pass the amount of participants of last year“, said the spokesman of Circuit Festival, Tesseo Cuadreny, “and we have calculated an average spent of 250 euros per person and per day, if we take in consideration the length of the festival“. “This should make a 100 millions euro injection to the Catalan economy in Barcelona and other Catalan coast cities.

Around 80 per cent of the participants of Circuit Festival of 2015 were foreigners from over 60 different countries. This means that in Barcelona and other cities around it, you will see a huge variety of nationalities, colours and types. It is a unique opportunity to feel liberal, social or meet up with old friends in a cosmopolitan and respectful surrounding. Barcelona is one of the most liberal cities that I’ve ever visited and GLBT community here is really accepted. This is something very important to the participants that come from countries that homosexuality is not really tolerated or can be punished.

After Barcelona, the event will be travelling to Ibiza with the dates there from 19-21 of August.

Here you can see some images of this stunning festival which I personally assisted 4 years ago now. One of THE best parties, of course, was the Circuit Festival Water Park party.

Circuit Festival official web:


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