My Prince

His grasp tells me a different story, a fairy tale from another dimension. A place where he would be my one and only prince, where my presence would depend on the breath he takes.  His mere existence makes me wonder about my former life and the life after. A state of despair has washed me out after he made me void but I loved it. The blood that has once sustained me has gone along with all that was me. The woman that was me has burned her coldness with heated veins for the sake of his touch. The veil of time has banished my king and me from the land of lovers to the land of pure love, where our souls have transcended and heightened to that prince who has captivated me by his little grasp. I need that prince’s hug more than he does, I need his eyes to look into my soul and tell me that how I feel towards him is real, that what is between us is real. I love and cherish everything that he is. “Where he bed is where we bed too. My eternal love and passion are for both of you and when my time comes I will leave you and him with the warmth of my name” My king said, and so I brushed his lips with mine and kissed him like I owe him while holding our prince between our hearts. 

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