What I am about to write is not for the aim of likes and shares; I am posting this story because it was my first piece of writing and it means a great deal to me. I chose to share it here with all of you because when I first started writing it 12 years ago, my perspective was rather limited and I was nothing but a wannabe; now that I have published a novel and created a game for writers, I want to share it to always remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and ‘Flash the Light’ was my first single step. I am not going to rewrite it differently, well aware that it lacks the structure of a proper story, I will just post it as it was originally written.


Once upon a time there was a small continent full of cats and dogs. They have always been each other’s opponents. Though they held hate in their hearts, they maintained peace by keeping distance and showing respect to one another. One day the ground has shaken its roots and flourished an unprecedented seed of love between Carlos, the dog and Nana, the cat. Carlos met Nana at one of the ponds when she was trying to catch a fish: “Nice. That was a fast catch.” Carlos said, “I know” Nana retorted. “A thank you is usually the answer to a compliment.”, He said. “Ok”, she answered then left, and that was it. He admired her hunting skills, and he went to the pond every day to watch her. By time, they got to know each other and fell in love, and they especially loved each other’s differences. Carlos loved that she was smart, resilient, fast, intuitive, confident, independent, determined, rebellious and most of all that she loved herself. Nana loved that he was kind, faithful, caring, loving, responsible, spontaneous, considerate and most of all she loved his sharp senses. When they decided to drop the bomb to the world and get married, their families went crazy over their marriage because it was unacceptable for both clans. Carlos and Nana fought for love and opposed everyone. They eventually got married but lived alone as no one accepted them. They lived happily together but not for long. Everything has changed when they started considering what others said about them as two different breeds, and from then on, they started hating each other for the same reasons they loved each other; the things that once brought them together were the same things that drove them apart. As everything in this life is a matter of prospective, their story was a matter of prospective too. Carlos started seeing Nana differently; instead of smart, resilient, intuitive, confident, independent… etc. he saw her as cunning, manipulative, cold, aggressive, arrogant, and selfish. Same did Nana, she saw him as naïve, stupid, lazy, fragile, too emotional, too dependent and obsessed with her. They left each other for good. The greater problem was Raj their son, he looked like a cat but was a dog from the inside. Raj was the first cat to be son of a dog. Raj went to live with his mother’s family, the cats, where they loved him and treated him as one of them at first, but after a short period they started neglecting him because as much as they all looked the same from the outside; he was a dog from the inside. Raj couldn’t bear the way they treated him so he went to live with his father’s family, the dogs. At first they avoided him because he looked like a cat so it was difficult for them not to pre-judge, but after a very short period of time they forgot about his outer appearance and saw the dog inside of him. They loved him and treated him as one of them and he too felt more comfortable with them. And so the cat that was the son of a dog lived with the dogs, time passed and Raj grew to be a handsome cat. He married a dog and soon little cats and dogs were born. And from then on, everything has changed; Nana’s family had to accept their grand cats and dogs. The grand cats and dogs grew up and married from the cats, and both clans lived together as one. And so the forbidden, tabooed and unprecedented lost love between Nana and Carlos became the history that shaped the future of the cats and dogs. 

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