T-Kay Skincare – the blackhead terminator

I’m really surprised, positively, with the products of T-Kay Skincare. It’s been a week now since I’ve been using their products and now I am a fan of their brand.

I received a nice package from T-Kay which included: Skin Perfecting Face ScrubMango Butter and Organic Multi-purpose Face Cream. As addition they also sent me a facial mask to test out, which has not yet been released to the public.

Since I was a teenager I’ve had problems with acne. Now that I’m in the beginning of my 30s (almost 32 now) finally I’ve started to get rid of these annoying spots all over my face and have begun to have a decent skin. BUT, I still have the issue of these ugly small black spots all over my nose and cheeks. When I tried the Face Scrub for the first time, followed with the facial mask, the result was just stunning. Immediately, after washing off the mask, I checked my face closer and noticed that the ugly blackheads I had, had disappeared almost completely. That sure got me very excited. To make the whole process complete, I applied the Mango Butter on my face and neck. The texture of the butter is not creamy, it’s more solid. It feels a bit like hair wax (by the texture) but when you apply it on your face you it gives your skin a smooth fresh feeling.

Face Scrub + the facial mask = blackhead terminator.

After a week using T-Kay Skincare products, I can honestly say that these products are something I would highly recommend. The best part of the mentioned brand is that they’re all natural ingredients they’re using to elaborate their products. The result of it is a really smooth, soft and clean skin that also will take years off of your face.

What could be better for your skin than nature itself? Want to know more about the brand? Check out their website by clicking here ( http://www.tkayskincare.co.uk/ ) and start taking care of your skin now, or check our their Instagram with their latest posts.

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