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Are you looking for a cool brand to decorate your eyes or wrist? Meller Brand is a kickass sunglass and watch brand that will certainly make you stand out.

It has been a long time since my eyes have had the pleasure of wearing a modern design. Luckily Meller Brand was so kind to provide me with their sleek and modern sunglasses which not only gave my sight protection from the strong sun of Barcelona but also made me feel trendy. Being fashionable and not having Meller is like being a trend guru and wearing a cheap copy of a cool brand.

The sunglasses are original and positively noticeable when wearing. Walking around the city and having people checking you out is a great feeling, and when you have the pleasure of wearing something so cool, your confidence is boosted 100%. There is a great selection of eyewear available on their website, where you are able to choose between various designs, colours and levels of coolness. Even the case that is provided with the sunglass is incredible! It is a trendy but soft case, that not only keeps your glasses protected, but also ensures that they keep clean. What more could you ask for?

Not only do Meller Brand provide customers with awesome Sunglasses, they also have a splendid selection of watches as well. There’s a great selection of colours and modern designs that will make you stand out as a Chief of Coolness (forget CEO, COC is the NEW cool). The colour selection of their straps will give you the opportunity to be original and fun at the same time, but not leaving behind the professional look. No matter if you’re looking for a watch that would stand out, or looking for a watch to look professional, Meller has THE right fit for you.

Now when I go walking around the city I am looking and feeling cool, my eyes are protected and I have no excuse to be late with the fabulous watch, which always catches the attention of people passing by. Cool huh?

What’s the kind of watch or sunglasses you like? Check out what this great brand has to offer to you. You can see the selection of their products by visiting their website, or follow them in Instagram which is full of fun stuff.

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Still don’t have enough? Check out Meller watch models at GlobalHighStreet and see what else they have available. There’s plenty of more details there.

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