Brass Tacks groovy wireless earbuds for training


Tired of going for a run and wanting to have your favourite beats companioning you but your current headset is constantly falling off?

Brass Tacks and their RUNNERZ earbuds have completely changed my workout. I enjoy going for a nice run and taking my music with me to keep me cheered. I had the issue with my old headset that when I started sweating after around 3km the earbuds started falling out my ears and it sure was uncomfortable to be adjusting them every 2 minutes. This is something that doesn’t make you enjoy your workout at all and sometimes I got so annoyed that I just shortened my run.

Brass Tacks sent me over their Runnerz for me to test them out and it sure made a difference. First of all I would like to point out that the quality of sounds is really amazing. Even other brands that have higher prices, they don’t reach to the quality of sound you get with these ones. Really, hearing these heavy bass beats in your ear with your favourite tune cheers you up and keeps you going. Also their Securefit Technology makes sure that they won’t fall out your ear and stay put the whole workout. Uuhhhh… FINALLY!!! Finally I can keep me going without having to worry about sweating and getting annoyed because of earbuds falling out. Now the only limit is myself and how long will I last. No more short runs or short workouts. Another great detail is that Runnerz are sweat-proof.

Doesn’t matter is you’re an iOS or Android person, you can connect to all Bluetooth capable smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Runnerz are nice, small, comfortable and high quality sound earbuds that make you want to work out more and more. Do your best and try to empty the battery with one workout only. Good luck with that. The USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery will last 6+ hours. Now it’s just me that limits the length of my workout as the battery is really long-lasting.

I’m sure that you want to know more of the brand. Check out their website by clicking here and order your Runnerz NOW, or keep updated with their Instagram.

Buy the products from here.

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The perfect beach running earbuds.

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Run with wireless earbuds that actually stay in your ears.

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